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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
leaf change color some[subj/deciduous], TBC[when change] POSITIVE 1.0000 1.0000 1.0000
pink has_property color TBC[best color], TBC[oldest color], TBC[female color], TBC[feminine color], TBC[girly color], TBC[good color], TBC[bad color], TBC[cool color], TBC[such feminine color], TBC[really girly color], TBC[unpopular color], TBC[girlish color] POSITIVE 1.0000 1.0000 1.0000
chameleon change color some[subj/veiled], some[subj/blind] POSITIVE 1.0000 1.0000 1.0000
hazel eye change color POSITIVE 1.0000 1.0000 1.0000
brown has_property color TBC[ugly color], TBC[warm color], TBC[rarely favorite color], rarely POSITIVE 0.9999 0.9999 0.9999
rainbow have color TBC[so many colors], TBC[same colors], always, TBC[opposite colors], some[subj/double], TBC[different colors], TBC[many colors] POSITIVE 0.9996 0.9996 0.9996
purple has_property color TBC[best color], TBC[awesome color], TBC[color used during advent], TBC[coolest color], TBC[most difficult color soften], TBC[royal color], TBC[such bad color] POSITIVE 0.9995 0.9995 0.9995
eye change color sometimes, some[subj/some], some[subj/green], some[subj/grey], some[subj/pennywise] POSITIVE 0.9995 0.9995 0.9995
mood ring change color POSITIVE 0.9993 1.0000 0.9993
blue has_property color TBC[best color], TBC[warmest color], TBC[hottest color], TBC[most favorite color], TBC[most popular color], TBC[primary color], TBC[warmest color bad], TBC[warmest color rated], TBC[good color], TBC[popular color], TBC[sad color], TBC[bad color], TBC[favorite color], TBC[cool color], TBC[popular favorite color], TBC[most appealing color] POSITIVE 0.9992 0.9992 0.9992
black has_property color TBC[best color], TBC[good color], TBC[slimming color], TBC[dominant color], TBC[attractive color], TBC[such color], TBC[favorite color] POSITIVE 0.9992 0.9992 0.9992
thing has_property color TBC[different colors], TBC[certain colors], TBC[darker color], TBC[different color] POSITIVE 0.9986 0.9986 0.9986
yellow has_property color TBC[happy color], TBC[best color], TBC[worst color], TBC[favorite color], TBC[most visible color], TBC[brightest color], TBC[most visible colors], TBC[secondary color], TBC[primary color], TBC[bad color], TBC[good color], TBC[brightest-looking color], TBC[lightest color], TBC[visually lightest color] POSITIVE 0.9981 0.9982 0.9981
dog see color TBC[certain colors], only, TBC[fewer colors] POSITIVE 0.9981 0.9981 0.9981
green eye change color POSITIVE 0.9980 1.0000 0.9980
object have color TBC[different colors], some[subj/different], TBC[certain color], TBC[specific color], TBC[specific colors] POSITIVE 0.9980 0.9980 0.9980
thing have color TBC[different color] POSITIVE 0.9979 0.9979 0.9979
human see color TBC[different colors of light], TBC[different colors] POSITIVE 0.9978 0.9978 0.9978
plant change color POSITIVE 0.9972 0.9972 0.9972
blue eye change color POSITIVE 0.9968 1.0000 0.9968