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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
africa be called continent TBC[dark continent], TBC[tropical continent], TBC[as dark continent], TBC[darkest continent], TBC[black continent] POSITIVE 0.9837 0.9837 1.0000
africa has_property continent TBC[dark continent], TBC[hottest continent], TBC[developed continent], TBC[richest continent], TBC[oldest continent], TBC[still developing continent], still, TBC[important continent], TBC[such poor continent], TBC[driest continent], TBC[most tropical continent], TBC[second largest continent], TBC[continent so underdeveloped], TBC[most underdeveloped continent], TBC[civilized continent] POSITIVE 0.9768 0.9768 0.9768
australia has_property continent TBC[oldest continent], TBC[flattest continent], TBC[smallest continent], TBC[driest continent], TBC[such geologically stable continent] POSITIVE 0.9380 0.9380 0.9380
antarctica has_property continent TBC[least populated continent], TBC[coldest continent], TBC[driest continent], TBC[uninhabited continent], TBC[such unique continent], TBC[inhabited continent], TBC[only continent left], only, TBC[contested continent], TBC[best continent], TBC[highest continent] POSITIVE 0.9039 0.9039 0.9039
antarctica be called continent TBC[white continent], TBC[continent of science], TBC[frozen continent], TBC[driest continent], sometimes POSITIVE 0.7897 0.7897 0.8027
australia be called continent TBC[smallest continent] POSITIVE 0.7653 0.7653 0.7780
europe has_property continent TBC[separate continents], TBC[best continent], TBC[richest continent], TBC[advanced continent], some[subj/asia and], TBC[different continents], TBC[multilingual continent], TBC[separate continent], TBC[always ignored continent], always POSITIVE 0.7208 0.7208 0.7208
asia has_property continent TBC[different continents], TBC[largest continent], TBC[best continent], TBC[most populated continent], TBC[biggest continent], TBC[most polluted continent], TBC[such diverse continent], TBC[separate continents], TBC[unique continent], TBC[diverse continent], TBC[poor continent], TBC[largest continents], TBC[smallest continent] POSITIVE 0.6925 0.6930 0.6925
europe be called continent TBC[old continent], TBC[developed continent] POSITIVE 0.6544 0.6544 0.6652
oceania be considered as continent POSITIVE 0.5255 0.5294 1.0000
jamaica has_property continent POSITIVE 0.3720 0.3720 0.3720
the hollow has_property continent POSITIVE 0.3360 0.6772 0.3360
south pole has_property continent POSITIVE 0.3086 0.3112 0.3086
europe be considered continent TBC[separate continent] POSITIVE 0.3022 0.3022 0.3193
asian has_property continent POSITIVE 0.2799 0.2813 0.2800
third world has_property continent some[subj/africa] POSITIVE 0.2592 0.2592 0.2593
zealandia has_property continent POSITIVE 0.1681 0.3220 0.1681
alaska has_property continent POSITIVE 0.1475 0.1475 0.1475
europe be even called continent POSITIVE 0.1139 0.1139 1.0000
new zealand has_property continent POSITIVE 0.0954 0.0955 0.0954