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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
globalization affect culture TBC[folk culture] POSITIVE 0.9860 1.0000 1.0000
hinduism affect culture TBC[indian culture] POSITIVE 0.9717 0.9717 0.9855
technology change culture TBC[culture of colombia], TBC[culture an of canada], TBC[culture of mali], TBC[culture of austria], TBC[culture of payment morocco], TBC[model culture of taiwan], TBC[culture of turkey], TBC[culture of jordan], TBC[culture of mexico], TBC[culture of morocco], TBC[culture of kenya], TBC[culture of bhutan], TBC[culture of italy], TBC[culture of], TBC[culture of singapore], TBC[culture of evening], TBC[culture of taiwan], TBC[culture of canada], TBC[culture of france], TBC[culture of song], TBC[culture of ukraine], TBC[culture of qatar], TBC[culture of bangladesh], TBC[culture of deshbandhu], TBC[culture of philippines], TBC[culture of portugal], TBC[culture of switzerland], TBC[culture of argentina] POSITIVE 0.9711 0.9712 1.0000
storytelling important be to culture TBC[aboriginal culture] POSITIVE 0.9582 0.9785 1.0000
islam affect culture TBC[culture of its people], TBC[culture of region] POSITIVE 0.9530 0.9532 0.9666
society be related to culture POSITIVE 0.9521 0.9631 1.0000
language affect culture TBC[history of society] POSITIVE 0.9517 0.9517 0.9652
the himalayas affect culture POSITIVE 0.9366 0.9946 0.9499
difference be in culture some[subj/similarities and], TBC[barrier in professional life] POSITIVE 0.9234 0.9827 1.0000
religion strengthen culture POSITIVE 0.9194 0.9194 1.0000
dragons be important in culture TBC[japanese culture], TBC[chinese culture], TBC[chinese history], TBC[asian culture] POSITIVE 0.9150 0.9150 1.0000
important to preserve has_property culture POSITIVE 0.9115 0.9283 0.9115
art reflect culture TBC[culture of main] POSITIVE 0.9026 0.9088 1.0000
sociologist define culture TBC[culture of poverty] POSITIVE 0.8921 0.8922 1.0000
gender role vary across culture POSITIVE 0.8878 0.9362 1.0000
society consider culture TBC[something art] POSITIVE 0.8756 0.8858 1.0000
ethnicity be related to culture POSITIVE 0.8743 0.9994 0.9183
religion be related to culture POSITIVE 0.8717 0.8717 0.9155
belief system affect culture TBC[country 's political system], TBC[cultures of east asia] POSITIVE 0.8686 1.0000 0.8810
innovation relate to culture POSITIVE 0.8678 0.9520 1.0000