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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
dog has_body_part ear TBC[soft ears], some[subj/my], TBC[constantly back], TBC[always up], TBC[floppy ears], some[subj/some], TBC[dog 's ear], TBC[so bad], TBC[so much wax], TBC[droopy ears], TBC[big floppy ears], TBC[long ears], TBC[such soft ears] POSITIVE 0.9998 0.9998 0.9998
kitten has_body_part ear TBC[so big ears], some[subj/my], TBC[ear up], TBC[big ears], TBC[my kitten 's ears], some[subj/my dog lick my], TBC[such big ears] POSITIVE 0.9986 0.9986 0.9986
rabbit has_body_part ear TBC[hot ears], TBC[long ears], TBC[so big ears], TBC[so hot ears], some[subj/my], TBC[such long ears], TBC[floppy ears], some[subj/some], TBC[big ears], TBC[brown ears], TBC[different ears], TBC[large ear], TBC[large ears], TBC[large outer ears], TBC[long hind legs] POSITIVE 0.9975 0.9975 0.9975
elephant has_body_part ear TBC[so big ears], TBC[large ears], TBC[so large ears], TBC[big ears], TBC[different sized ears], TBC[large flat ears], TBC[large thin ears], TBC[huge ears], TBC[such big ears], TBC[flat ears], some[subj/african], TBC[bigger ears], TBC[such large ears], some[subj/an african], TBC[long ears], TBC[big ear], TBC[big thin ears], TBC[long big ears], TBC[pointy ears] POSITIVE 0.9974 0.9974 0.9974
baby has_body_part ear TBC[hairy ears], TBC[so dirty ears], TBC[so big ears], TBC[so waxy], some[subj/my] POSITIVE 0.9775 0.9775 0.9775
pro use in ear POSITIVE 0.9160 0.9160 1.0000
water get trapped in ear POSITIVE 0.8996 0.8996 1.0000
semicircular canal has_body_part ear POSITIVE 0.8903 1.0000 0.8903
corn be called ear TBC[ear of corn] POSITIVE 0.8857 0.8857 1.0000
pinna has_body_part ear POSITIVE 0.8802 1.0000 0.8803
rapper hold money to ear POSITIVE 0.8679 0.8679 1.0000
liquid come out of ear POSITIVE 0.8518 0.8518 1.0000
singer cover ear POSITIVE 0.8316 0.8316 1.0000
earwax leave ear POSITIVE 0.8082 0.8571 1.0000
sound come from ear POSITIVE 0.8041 0.8041 1.0000
pu come from ear POSITIVE 0.7954 0.7954 0.9892
other dog has_body_part ear TBC[other dog 's ears], some[subj/my dog lick], TBC[my other dog 's ears], some[subj/my dog lick my], TBC[other dog 's ear], some[subj/dog lick], some[subj/dogs bite], some[subj/my dog bite my], some[subj/my dog clean my], some[subj/my dog nibble my], some[subj/dogs dick] POSITIVE 0.7873 1.0000 0.7873
george lose ear POSITIVE 0.7858 0.7858 1.0000
singer put finger in ear POSITIVE 0.7855 0.7855 1.0000
guinea pig has_body_part ear some[subj/my], TBC[big ears] POSITIVE 0.7828 0.7828 0.7828