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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
tungsten be used exclusively for filament TBC[filament of bulbs], almost POSITIVE 0.8459 0.9034 1.0000
intermediate has_property filament POSITIVE 0.7587 0.8031 1.0000
tungsten be used as filament TBC[filament in bulb], TBC[filament in electric bulbs], TBC[filament in lamps] POSITIVE 0.5063 0.5407 1.0000
tungsten be used in filament POSITIVE 0.0643 0.0686 1.0000
tungsten be used for filament TBC[filament of electric lamps], TBC[filament of bulb], TBC[filament of electric bulb], TBC[filament of incandescent lamps], TBC[filament in electric bulbs], TBC[filament of electric lamp], almost POSITIVE 0.0482 0.0515 1.0000
tungsten be good material for filament POSITIVE 0.0189 0.0202 1.0000
tungsten has_property filament POSITIVE 0.0054 0.0057 0.0071