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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
black hole has_property formed some[subj/supermassive], some[subj/a super massive], some[subj/a supermassive], TBC[really formed] POSITIVE 0.9619 0.9619 0.9619
stars has_property formed POSITIVE 0.9530 0.9530 0.9530
rainbow has_property formed some[subj/double], TBC[scientifically formed] POSITIVE 0.9228 0.9228 0.9228
shadow has_property formed TBC[why formed], some[subj/and why are] POSITIVE 0.8955 0.8955 0.8955
igneous rock has_property formed some[subj/intrusive], some[subj/volcanic], some[subj/igneous sedimentary and metamorphic rocks are forme], some[subj/plutonic], TBC[formed of], some[subj/glassy], some[subj/fine grained], TBC[formed briefly], some[subj/extrusive], TBC[formed by], some[subj/all], some[subj/sedimentary igneous and metamorphic rocks is forme], TBC[formed long time ago] POSITIVE 0.8424 0.8424 0.8424
volcano has_property formed TBC[why formed], some[subj/and why are], some[subj/underwater], some[subj/submarine], some[subj/intraplate], some[subj/composite], some[subj/a underwater], some[subj/an extinct], TBC[formed as] POSITIVE 0.8267 0.8267 0.8267
pearl has_property formed TBC[formed inside of clam] POSITIVE 0.8097 0.8097 0.8097
hurricane get formed POSITIVE 0.7938 0.7938 1.0000
soil has_property formed some[subj/hydrophobic], some[subj/brown], some[subj/black], some[subj/alluvial], some[subj/arid], some[subj/acidic], some[subj/red], some[subj/residual], TBC[formed briefly] POSITIVE 0.7793 0.7794 0.7793
mountains get formed POSITIVE 0.7677 0.7677 0.9671
glacier has_property formed some[subj/continental] POSITIVE 0.7662 0.7676 0.7662
kidney stone get formed POSITIVE 0.7576 0.7584 0.9545
sedimentary rock has_property formed some[subj/clastic], some[subj/non classic], some[subj/sedimentary metamorphic and igneous rocks are forme], some[subj/most], some[subj/sedimentary and metamorphic rocks are forme], TBC[formed mechanically], some[subj/sedimentary igneous and metamorphic rocks are forme], some[subj/detrital], some[subj/crystalline], some[subj/biochemical], some[subj/biological], some[subj/bioclastic], some[subj/biogenic], some[subj/a clastic], TBC[formed long time ago], TBC[formed by], TBC[formed usually], TBC[mechanically formed] POSITIVE 0.7485 0.7504 0.7485
wind has_property formed some[subj/global], some[subj/prevailing], some[subj/katabatic], some[subj/anabatic] POSITIVE 0.7095 0.7095 0.7095
galaxy has_property formed some[subj/new], some[subj/irregular], some[subj/elliptical] POSITIVE 0.6867 0.6867 0.6867
landform has_property formed some[subj/volcanic], some[subj/various], some[subj/glacial], some[subj/fluvial], some[subj/coastal], some[subj/depositional], TBC[how formed] POSITIVE 0.6766 0.6835 0.6766
mineral has_property formed POSITIVE 0.6408 0.6408 0.6408
coenzyme has_property formed POSITIVE 0.6369 0.8271 0.6369
neutron star has_property formed POSITIVE 0.6277 0.6277 0.6277
ion has_property formed TBC[why formed], some[subj/and why are], some[subj/positive and negative], some[subj/positive], some[subj/polyatomic], some[subj/negative], some[subj/a an] POSITIVE 0.6259 0.6259 0.6259