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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
kissing feel good TBC[so good], some[subj/french] POSITIVE 0.9994 0.9994 0.9994
stretching feel good TBC[so good], some[subj/yawning and], TBC[when sick], TBC[exercise hurts] POSITIVE 0.9993 1.0000 0.9993
sleeping feel good TBC[so good] POSITIVE 0.9983 0.9983 0.9983
massage feel good TBC[so good], some[subj/a back], some[subj/back], TBC[so damn good], some[subj/a vibrating] POSITIVE 0.9982 1.0000 0.9982
meat has_trait good TBC[so good], TBC[good for] POSITIVE 0.9980 0.9980 0.9980
itch feel good TBC[so good to scratch], TBC[so good], some[subj/scratching] POSITIVE 0.9976 1.0000 0.9976
food has_trait good TBC[so good], some[subj/unhealthy], some[subj/seasonal], some[subj/local], some[subj/fried], some[subj/fermented], some[subj/healthy], some[subj/processed], some[subj/vegetarian], some[subj/vegan], some[subj/mexican], some[subj/fast], TBC[fast good], some[subj/asian], TBC[good to healthy diet fish], TBC[traditional good] POSITIVE 0.9974 0.9974 0.9974
being has_trait good POSITIVE 0.9974 0.9974 0.9974
thing smell good TBC[bad good] POSITIVE 0.9971 0.9971 1.0000
green has_trait good some[subj/dandelion], TBC[good color], TBC[why would good president] POSITIVE 0.9968 0.9968 0.9968
thing feel good TBC[too good], some[subj/soft], some[subj/bad], TBC[so good] POSITIVE 0.9968 0.9968 0.9968
color has_trait good TBC[red good] POSITIVE 0.9961 0.9961 0.9961
drinking has_trait good TBC[gm good] POSITIVE 0.9954 0.9954 0.9954
waking up be bbc good POSITIVE 0.9953 0.9999 0.9953
cast iron pan has_trait good TBC[so good], TBC[bbc good], TBC[cd good], TBC[cnn good] POSITIVE 0.9953 0.9986 0.9953
milk has_trait good TBC[inelastic good], TBC[inferior good], TBC[so good], some[subj/irish], some[subj/low fat], TBC[such good culture medium], TBC[cake cookies], TBC[such good combo] POSITIVE 0.9952 0.9952 0.9952
sex feel good TBC[so good], TBC[sssoooooooo good], TBC[so good for girls], some[subj/interpreted], TBC[good exactly], TBC[sooooooooo good], TBC[so damn good] POSITIVE 0.9948 0.9961 0.9948
baby smell good TBC[so good], TBC[soon good] POSITIVE 0.9948 0.9948 0.9977
foot massage feel good TBC[so good], TBC[so incredibly good], TBC[so incredibly relaxing] POSITIVE 0.9945 1.0000 0.9945
salt has_trait good TBC[good combination], TBC[good weed killer], TBC[so good], TBC[when sick], some[subj/pink], some[subj/himalayan], TBC[good food preservative] POSITIVE 0.9944 0.9944 0.9944