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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
child acquire language TBC[additional language], TBC[first language] POSITIVE 0.9952 0.9952 1.0000
dialect become language TBC[standard language], TBC[different language] POSITIVE 0.9952 1.0000 1.0000
linguistics relate to language POSITIVE 0.9823 1.0000 1.0000
writer use language TBC[figurative language], TBC[emotive language], TBC[colloquial language], TBC[informal language], TBC[descriptive language], TBC[literary techniques], TBC[inclusive language], TBC[formal language], TBC[realistic language] POSITIVE 0.9791 0.9791 1.0000
sign language has_property language TBC[really language], TBC[universal language] POSITIVE 0.9676 0.9679 0.9676
french has_property language TBC[diplomatic language], TBC[most important language], TBC[best language], TBC[most romantic language], TBC[international language], TBC[important language], TBC[official olympic language], TBC[good language], TBC[un language], TBC[second common language spoken in vietnam] POSITIVE 0.9652 0.9652 0.9652
baby learn language TBC[new languages] POSITIVE 0.9604 0.9604 1.0000
author use language TBC[figurative language], TBC[vernacular language], TBC[loaded language], TBC[colloquial language], TBC[informal language], TBC[descriptive language], TBC[emotive language] POSITIVE 0.9576 0.9576 0.9780
dog understand language TBC[human language] POSITIVE 0.9566 0.9566 1.0000
asl has_property language TBC[foreign language] POSITIVE 0.9477 0.9478 0.9477
bilingual has_property language POSITIVE 0.9389 1.0000 0.9389
poet use language TBC[figurative language] POSITIVE 0.9361 0.9367 0.9561
bahasa has_property language POSITIVE 0.9313 1.0000 0.9313
grammar be important in language POSITIVE 0.9214 0.9223 1.0000
human learn language POSITIVE 0.9209 0.9209 0.9588
cats eye has_property language POSITIVE 0.9189 0.9249 0.9189
english has_property language TBC[international language], TBC[universal language], TBC[worldwide language], TBC[important language], TBC[analytic language], TBC[official language], TBC[global language], TBC[most common language], TBC[dominant language], TBC[hardest language], TBC[best language], TBC[important international language], TBC[such popular language], TBC[such dominant language], TBC[such boring language], TBC[too other languages], TBC[most popular language], some[subj/it is], TBC[germanic language], TBC[funny language], TBC[second language], TBC[difficult language], TBC[necessary communicative language], TBC[intellectual language], TBC[non-phonetic language], TBC[non phonetic language], TBC[strange language], TBC[such great language], TBC[most common language spoken in commonwealth], TBC[most commonly used language], TBC[most flexible language], TBC[most widely spoken language], TBC[such ridiculous language], TBC[practically universal language now], TBC[global common language], TBC[primary language], TBC[most widely used language], TBC[such common language], TBC[such universally spoken language], TBC[global universal language], TBC[widespread language], TBC[such funny language], TBC[such difficult language], TBC[chosen worldwide language], TBC[such universally known language], TBC[universally known language], TBC[such widespread language], TBC[most useful language], TBC[primarily german language] POSITIVE 0.9185 0.9185 0.9185
child learn language TBC[second language] POSITIVE 0.9155 0.9155 0.9532
math has_property language TBC[universal language] POSITIVE 0.9103 0.9103 0.9103
otitis media affect language POSITIVE 0.8979 0.9884 1.0000