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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
religion be important to people TBC[people in italy], TBC[medieval people], TBC[people in ancient egypt], TBC[people of ancient egypt], TBC[so many people], TBC[most people] POSITIVE 0.9992 0.9992 1.0000
dog bark at people TBC[black people], TBC[nice people], TBC[other people], TBC[people of color], always POSITIVE 0.9947 0.9947 1.0000
dog lick people always, TBC[certain people] POSITIVE 0.9944 0.9944 1.0000
bad thing happen to people TBC[good people], always, TBC[get ahead], TBC[good people happen to bad people], TBC[good people happen to evil people], TBC[amazing people], TBC[placed people], TBC[good innocent people], TBC[lazy people], TBC[happen to good people], only, TBC[other people], TBC[bad people], TBC[nice people], TBC[mediocre people] POSITIVE 0.9928 0.9928 1.0000
dog attack people POSITIVE 0.9898 0.9898 1.0000
muslim kill people TBC[lgbt people] POSITIVE 0.9890 0.9890 1.0000
life be for people TBC[black people before slavery], TBC[chinese people in australian goldfields], TBC[people during glorious revolution], TBC[people moving to california in dust bowl], TBC[jewish people after fall of nazis], TBC[vietnamese people], TBC[indian people in australia], TBC[deaf people without music], TBC[gay people in sweden], TBC[transgender people in croatia], TBC[black people in mauritania], TBC[black people in algeria], TBC[black people in iraq], TBC[black people in kuwait], TBC[black people in morocco], TBC[black people in egypt], TBC[black people in jordan], TBC[black people in oman], TBC[black people in tunisia] POSITIVE 0.9857 0.9857 1.0000
music affect people TBC[young people], TBC[deaf people] POSITIVE 0.9798 0.9798 1.0000
dog help people TBC[blind people], TBC[deaf people], TBC[disabled people] POSITIVE 0.9791 0.9791 1.0000
dog hump people POSITIVE 0.9770 0.9770 1.0000
cats lick people POSITIVE 0.9767 0.9767 0.9822
storm be named after people POSITIVE 0.9688 0.9688 1.0000
animal help people TBC[disabled people], TBC[depressed people] POSITIVE 0.9614 0.9614 0.9819
americans hate people TBC[intelligent people], TBC[french people], TBC[smart people], TBC[british people], TBC[english people], TBC[black people], TBC[rich people], TBC[white people], TBC[gay people] POSITIVE 0.9527 0.9528 1.0000
clown scare people POSITIVE 0.9510 0.9512 1.0000
bullying affect people TBC[so many people], TBC[other people] POSITIVE 0.9462 0.9462 0.9657
bus carry people POSITIVE 0.9462 0.9462 1.0000
wheelchair bound people POSITIVE 0.9419 0.9419 1.0000
shark eat people only POSITIVE 0.9400 0.9400 1.0000
alcohol affect differently people POSITIVE 0.9347 0.9347 1.0000