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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
mars has_property planet TBC[red planet], TBC[most studied planet], TBC[hottest planet], TBC[best planet], TBC[coldest inner planet], TBC[most visited planet], TBC[inner planet], TBC[smallest planet], TBC[rocky planet], TBC[hot planet], TBC[dead planets], TBC[cold planet], TBC[dead planet], TBC[dynamic planet], TBC[solid planet], TBC[visible planet], TBC[4th planet], TBC[7th largest planet], TBC[seventh biggest planet], TBC[once wetter planet] POSITIVE 0.9935 0.9935 0.9935
gas giant has_property planet TBC[outer planets] POSITIVE 0.9802 0.9973 0.9802
jupiter has_property planet TBC[largest planet], TBC[best planet], TBC[most important planet], TBC[oldest planet], TBC[brightest planet], TBC[fastest spinning planet], TBC[fastest rotating planet], TBC[heaviest planet], TBC[hottest planet], TBC[largest outer planet], TBC[gaseous planet], TBC[outer planet], TBC[jovian planet], TBC[stormy planet], TBC[good planet], TBC[call gaseous planets], TBC[big planet], TBC[very cold planet], TBC[gassiest planet] POSITIVE 0.9767 0.9767 0.9767
earth has_property planet TBC[sister planets], TBC[inner planet], TBC[active planet], TBC[only habitable planet], only, TBC[densest planet], TBC[blue planet], TBC[unique planet], TBC[habitable planet], TBC[dynamic planet], TBC[sister planet], some[subj/venus called], TBC[most dense planet], TBC[third planet], TBC[lucky planet], TBC[fragile planet], TBC[green planet], TBC[most important planet], TBC[only known planet able], TBC[only planet suitable for human life] POSITIVE 0.9755 0.9755 0.9755
jupiter be called planet TBC[jovian planet], TBC[red planet], TBC[gaseous planet], TBC[largest planet] POSITIVE 0.9722 0.9722 0.9839
satellite be different from planet TBC[other planets] POSITIVE 0.9659 0.9659 1.0000
solar system has_property planet POSITIVE 0.9546 0.9660 0.9546
pluto has_property planet TBC[why planet], some[subj/and why is], TBC[coldest planet], TBC[smallest planet], TBC[too small], TBC[planet anymore], TBC[now planet], TBC[odd planet], TBC[double planet], some[subj/it is], TBC[cold planets], TBC[cold planet], TBC[deaf planet], TBC[little planet], TBC[small planet], TBC[unique outer planet], TBC[unique planet], TBC[officially planet], TBC[last planet], TBC[ninth planet] POSITIVE 0.9404 0.9404 0.9404
saturn has_property planet TBC[best planet], TBC[least dense planet], TBC[most oblate planet], TBC[flattest planet], TBC[lightest planet], TBC[second largest planet], TBC[most beautiful planet], TBC[bad planet], TBC[outer planet], TBC[beautiful planet], TBC[jovian planet], TBC[cool planet], TBC[big planet], TBC[gaseous planet], TBC[hot planet], TBC[2nd largest planet] POSITIVE 0.9390 0.9390 0.9390
uranus has_property planet TBC[coldest planet], TBC[best planet], TBC[seventh planet], TBC[weirdest planet], TBC[outer planet], TBC[twin planets], TBC[very cold planet], TBC[such unique planet], TBC[oldest planet], TBC[only planet tilted on its side], only POSITIVE 0.9214 0.9214 0.9214
mercury has_property planet TBC[smallest planet], TBC[hottest planet], TBC[second hottest planet], TBC[fastest planet], TBC[fastest moving planet], TBC[first planet], TBC[densest planet], TBC[still planet], still, TBC[rocky planet], TBC[best planet], TBC[inner planet], TBC[best planet ever], TBC[coldest planet], TBC[planet closest to sun], TBC[warmest planet], TBC[dead planet], TBC[darkest planet], TBC[planet different from venus] POSITIVE 0.8499 0.8499 0.8499
satellite orbit planet POSITIVE 0.8462 0.8462 1.0000
moon stay around planet POSITIVE 0.8279 0.8279 1.0000
pluto be called planet TBC[red planet], TBC[darth planet] POSITIVE 0.8217 0.8217 0.8316
venus has_property planet TBC[hottest inner planet], TBC[brightest planet], TBC[odd planet out], TBC[slowest rotating planet], TBC[hottest planet], TBC[inner planet], TBC[rocky planet], TBC[sister planet], TBC[important planet], TBC[good planet], TBC[brighter planet], TBC[bright planet], TBC[most bright planet], TBC[most dangerous planet], TBC[second planet], TBC[third planet], TBC[warmest planet] POSITIVE 0.7931 0.7931 0.7931
red has_property planet POSITIVE 0.7889 0.7889 0.7889
gas can form planet POSITIVE 0.7726 0.7726 1.0000
human influence planet POSITIVE 0.7698 0.7698 1.0000
moon has_property planet POSITIVE 0.7566 0.7566 0.7566
ceres has_property planet TBC[planet now], TBC[first planet] POSITIVE 0.7534 0.7535 0.7534