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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
writer use question TBC[rhetorical questions], TBC[questions for headings], some[subj/some], TBC[rhetorical question] POSITIVE 0.9865 0.9865 1.0000
scientist ask question TBC[meaningful questions], TBC[questions about work of other scientists] POSITIVE 0.9635 0.9635 0.9635
student ask question POSITIVE 0.9551 0.9551 0.9551
daffodil has_property question POSITIVE 0.7569 0.7569 0.7569
upside has_property question POSITIVE 0.7282 0.7474 0.7282
conventional has_property question POSITIVE 0.6977 0.7095 0.6977
constable has_property question POSITIVE 0.6976 0.7376 0.6976
toddler ask question TBC[same question], TBC[so many questions] POSITIVE 0.6263 0.6263 0.6263
people ask question TBC[obvious questions], always, TBC[really dumb questions], TBC[questions about favorites], TBC[such stupid questions], TBC[such stupid easy questions], TBC[stupid questions], TBC[just plain dumb questions], TBC[ridiculous questions], TBC[idiotic questions], TBC[dumb questions], TBC[rhetorical questions], TBC[so many question], TBC[so many questions], TBC[question on open forum], TBC[moronic questions], TBC[perverted questions], TBC[stupid question], TBC[very silly questions], TBC[such dumb questions], TBC[too many questions], TBC[questions here], TBC[age-old question], TBC[really stupid questions], TBC[such retarded questions], TBC[heard questions], TBC[judgmental questions], TBC[such ridiculously stupid questions], TBC[such sick questions], TBC[questions about god], TBC[such stupid questions on yahoo answers], TBC[stupid questions on yahoo answers], TBC[personal questions], TBC[silly questions], TBC[stupid religious questions], TBC[such insipid questions on yahoo 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inevitable has_property question POSITIVE 0.6192 0.6573 0.6192
preliminary has_property question POSITIVE 0.6182 0.6601 0.6182
divergent has_property question POSITIVE 0.6138 0.6139 0.6138
stem-cell research has_property question POSITIVE 0.6123 0.8768 0.6123
optical isomer has_property question POSITIVE 0.5911 0.6425 0.5911
ev has_property question POSITIVE 0.5707 0.5708 0.5707
octopus has_property question POSITIVE 0.5570 0.5570 0.5570
american standard code for information interchange has_property question POSITIVE 0.5382 0.7532 0.5382
literal has_property question POSITIVE 0.5351 0.5555 0.5351
induction of labor has_property question POSITIVE 0.5288 0.8490 0.5288
narrow has_property question POSITIVE 0.5259 0.5940 0.5259