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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
everyone be on reedit TBC[reedit depressed], TBC[reedit so cynical], TBC[reedit so butt hurt today], TBC[reedit faggot], TBC[reedit so rude], TBC[reedit douche], TBC[reedit atheist], TBC[reedit dying of terminal illnesses], TBC[reedit so fucking cool], TBC[reedit so stupid], TBC[reedit hating on r atheism], TBC[reedit so similar], TBC[reedit so smug], TBC[reedit suddenly so damn], TBC[reedit dick], TBC[reedit so liberal], TBC[reedit asshole], TBC[reedit 7-10 months old now], TBC[reedit so obsessed with cats], TBC[reedit so ugly], TBC[reedit celebrating], TBC[reedit so conservative], TBC[reedit so against smoking], TBC[reedit so mean nowadays], TBC[reedit so racist], TBC[reedit so funny], TBC[reedit obsessed with commas], TBC[reedit so comma-happy], TBC[reedit jerk], TBC[reedit so into madonna magic], TBC[reedit up voting pc posts], TBC[reedit obsessed with drugs], TBC[reedit so full of shit], TBC[reedit obsessed with crows], TBC[reedit always so angry], TBC[reedit so obsessed with reedit], TBC[reedit married to someone named so], TBC[reedit so nice], TBC[reedit so fucking racist], TBC[reedit talking about uranium today], TBC[reedit so helpless], TBC[reedit obsessed with space jam], TBC[reedit so negative], TBC[reedit so depressed], TBC[reedit obsessed with butt sex], TBC[reedit angry], TBC[reedit so mad at wild turtle], TBC[reedit afraid of 4chan], TBC[reedit so mad time anymore], TBC[reedit so opposed to age gaps], TBC[reedit so good], TBC[reedit obsessed with bernie sanders], TBC[reedit so damn clever], TBC[reedit obsessed with cthulhu], TBC[reedit commenting], TBC[reedit shithead], TBC[reedit assumed], TBC[reedit calling], TBC[reedit so rich], TBC[reedit so sensitive], TBC[reedit talking about new deli], TBC[reedit afraid], TBC[reedit obsessed with step brothers], TBC[reedit obsessed with karma], TBC[reedit so pretentious], TBC[reedit so angry], TBC[reedit so low on lauri marianne], TBC[reedit saying whilst], TBC[reedit using], TBC[reedit considered], TBC[reedit so judgmental], TBC[reedit asking], TBC[reedit hating on president trump], TBC[reedit so freaking], TBC[reedit so wholesome now], TBC[reedit so happy], TBC[reedit programmer], TBC[reedit able], TBC[reedit suddenly hating], TBC[reedit so mad at ea], TBC[reedit so left-leaning politically], TBC[reedit referred to] POSITIVE 0.9760 0.9760 1.0000
thing has_property reedit TBC[funny reedit] POSITIVE 0.9480 0.9480 0.9556
bot work on reedit POSITIVE 0.8645 0.8861 1.0000
reddit be called reedit POSITIVE 0.8205 0.8205 1.0000
comment get deleted on reedit POSITIVE 0.6754 0.6754 1.0000
karma point work on reedit POSITIVE 0.6533 1.0000 0.7558
youtube hate reedit POSITIVE 0.6078 0.6078 1.0000
trump supporter be in reedit TBC[reedit into cuckolding] POSITIVE 0.5331 0.6339 1.0000
cats be popular on reedit POSITIVE 0.4241 0.4241 1.0000
everyone be a dick on reedit POSITIVE 0.3947 0.3947 1.0000
conversation end quickly on reedit POSITIVE 0.3890 0.3911 1.0000
twitter take over reedit POSITIVE 0.3466 0.3466 1.0000
guy be on reedit TBC[reedit so emasculated] POSITIVE 0.3274 0.3274 0.3354
gif be predominantly used on reedit POSITIVE 0.3217 0.3217 1.0000
troll be allowed on reedit POSITIVE 0.3021 0.3021 1.0000
noone use emoticons on reedit POSITIVE 0.3010 0.3010 1.0000
smiley be used on reedit rarely POSITIVE 0.2889 0.3092 1.0000
animal be hot on reedit always POSITIVE 0.2768 0.2768 1.0000
thread be locked on reedit TBC[reedit deleted] POSITIVE 0.2749 0.2930 1.0000
post get deleted from reedit POSITIVE 0.2711 0.2711 1.0000