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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
medicaid differ to state POSITIVE 0.9912 1.0000 1.0000
law differ to state POSITIVE 0.9791 0.9791 0.9877
territory become state TBC[american state] POSITIVE 0.9776 0.9986 0.9776
college have state POSITIVE 0.9776 0.9776 0.9853
oklahoma has_property state TBC[sooner state], TBC[red state], TBC[racist state], TBC[blew state] POSITIVE 0.9641 0.9642 0.9641
alaska has_property state TBC[coldest state], TBC[biggest state], TBC[most dangerous state], TBC[most eastern state], TBC[most violent state], TBC[densely populated state], TBC[best state], TBC[easternmost state], TBC[populated state], TBC[dry state], TBC[49th state], TBC[eastern most state], TBC[red state], TBC[western states], TBC[separate state], TBC[northernmost state], TBC[most earthquake-prone state], TBC[republican state] POSITIVE 0.9640 0.9640 0.9640
particle change state POSITIVE 0.9603 0.9615 1.0000
executive department has_property state POSITIVE 0.9561 1.0000 0.9561
gas price vary from state POSITIVE 0.9533 0.9533 1.0000
indiana has_property state TBC[best state], TBC[republican state], TBC[red state], TBC[bad state] POSITIVE 0.9526 0.9526 0.9526
california has_property state TBC[golden state], TBC[important state], TBC[best state], TBC[most populated state], TBC[democratic state], TBC[blue state], TBC[worst state], TBC[such large states], TBC[always blue state], always POSITIVE 0.9470 0.9470 0.9470
vermont has_property state TBC[safest state], TBC[healthiest state], TBC[most dangerous state], TBC[prettiest state ever], TBC[only reasonable northern state], only POSITIVE 0.9458 0.9745 0.9458
west virginia has_property state TBC[illegal state], TBC[most obese state], TBC[most miserable state], TBC[unhappiest state], TBC[worst state], TBC[poorest state], TBC[poor state], TBC[red state], TBC[separate state], TBC[best state] POSITIVE 0.9426 1.0000 0.9426
west virginia became state POSITIVE 0.9423 0.9997 0.9425
solids liquid change state POSITIVE 0.9403 0.9883 0.9792
new mexico has_property state TBC[blue state] POSITIVE 0.9393 0.9400 0.9393
delaware has_property state TBC[first state], TBC[southern state], TBC[even state], TBC[blue state], TBC[separate state], only, TBC[1st state] POSITIVE 0.9345 0.9346 0.9345
senator represent state TBC[entire state] POSITIVE 0.9331 0.9332 1.0000
pr become state POSITIVE 0.9314 0.9314 0.9314
new york has_property state TBC[best state], TBC[blue state], TBC[famous state] POSITIVE 0.9306 0.9307 0.9306