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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
egg be for breakfast TBC[just breakfast], TBC[usually breakfast] POSITIVE 0.9946 0.9946 1.0000
life be for people TBC[black people before slavery], TBC[chinese people in australian goldfields], TBC[people during glorious revolution], TBC[people moving to california in dust bowl], TBC[jewish people after fall of nazis], TBC[vietnamese people], TBC[indian people in australia], TBC[deaf people without music], TBC[gay people in sweden], TBC[transgender people in croatia], TBC[black people in mauritania], TBC[black people in algeria], TBC[black people in iraq], TBC[black people in kuwait], TBC[black people in morocco], TBC[black people in egypt], TBC[black people in jordan], TBC[black people in oman], TBC[black people in tunisia] POSITIVE 0.9857 0.9857 1.0000
pumpkin be for halloween POSITIVE 0.9765 0.9766 1.0000
blue be for boy TBC[traditionally boys for girls], TBC[boys for girls traditionally] POSITIVE 0.9745 0.9745 1.0000
bad be for dogs some[subj/avocado] POSITIVE 0.9706 0.9706 0.9707
hot cross bun be for easter POSITIVE 0.9675 0.9680 1.0000
gas be for cars TBC[cars made] POSITIVE 0.9675 0.9675 1.0000
gaming good be for us POSITIVE 0.9628 1.0000 0.9800
olive oil good be for dogs POSITIVE 0.9532 1.0000 0.9533
olive oil good be for bodybuilding POSITIVE 0.9423 0.9886 0.9526
egg be for easter POSITIVE 0.9418 0.9418 0.9734
excel be for mac slow TBC[mac so slow] POSITIVE 0.9377 0.9377 1.0000
pink be for females POSITIVE 0.9342 0.9342 1.0000
fish oil good be for cholesterol POSITIVE 0.9326 0.9327 1.0000
photosynthesis essential be for plants TBC[green plants] POSITIVE 0.9264 1.0000 1.0000
champagne be for celebration POSITIVE 0.9253 0.9253 1.0000
red be for republican POSITIVE 0.9240 0.9240 1.0000
candidate be for president TBC[president nominated], TBC[president chosen], TBC[president chosen during jacksonian democracy], TBC[president chosen in jeffersonian], TBC[president officially nominated] POSITIVE 0.9231 0.9509 1.0000
olive oil good be for digestion POSITIVE 0.9155 0.9604 1.0000
health insurance premium be for groups lower than those for individuals POSITIVE 0.9154 0.9230 1.0000