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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
casino be on water some[subj/some], TBC[water in missouri], TBC[water in india], some[subj/all], TBC[water in louisiana] POSITIVE 0.9907 0.9907 1.0000
painting be on canvas TBC[split canvases so satisfying] POSITIVE 0.9856 1.0000 1.0000
easter be on sunday always, TBC[always sunday], TBC[always different sunday], TBC[always different sundays] POSITIVE 0.9817 0.9817 0.9817
hot tap be on left TBC[always left], always POSITIVE 0.9814 1.0000 1.0000
headlight be on cars TBC[new cars so bright], TBC[cars usually concave] POSITIVE 0.9807 0.9987 1.0000
christmas be on december 25 always, TBC[always december 25] POSITIVE 0.9795 0.9795 1.0000
everyone be on reedit TBC[reedit depressed], TBC[reedit so cynical], TBC[reedit so butt hurt today], TBC[reedit faggot], TBC[reedit so rude], TBC[reedit douche], TBC[reedit atheist], TBC[reedit dying of terminal illnesses], TBC[reedit so fucking cool], TBC[reedit so stupid], TBC[reedit hating on r atheism], TBC[reedit so similar], TBC[reedit so smug], TBC[reedit suddenly so damn], TBC[reedit dick], TBC[reedit so liberal], TBC[reedit asshole], TBC[reedit 7-10 months old now], TBC[reedit so obsessed with cats], TBC[reedit so ugly], TBC[reedit celebrating], TBC[reedit so conservative], TBC[reedit so against smoking], TBC[reedit so mean nowadays], TBC[reedit so racist], TBC[reedit so funny], TBC[reedit obsessed with commas], TBC[reedit so comma-happy], TBC[reedit jerk], TBC[reedit so into madonna magic], TBC[reedit up voting pc posts], TBC[reedit obsessed with drugs], TBC[reedit so full of shit], TBC[reedit obsessed with crows], TBC[reedit always so angry], TBC[reedit so obsessed with reedit], TBC[reedit married to someone named so], TBC[reedit so nice], TBC[reedit so fucking racist], TBC[reedit talking about uranium today], TBC[reedit so helpless], TBC[reedit obsessed with space jam], TBC[reedit so negative], TBC[reedit so depressed], TBC[reedit obsessed with butt sex], TBC[reedit angry], TBC[reedit so mad at wild turtle], TBC[reedit afraid of 4chan], TBC[reedit so mad time anymore], TBC[reedit so opposed to age gaps], TBC[reedit so good], TBC[reedit obsessed with bernie sanders], TBC[reedit so damn clever], TBC[reedit obsessed with cthulhu], TBC[reedit commenting], TBC[reedit shithead], TBC[reedit assumed], TBC[reedit calling], TBC[reedit so rich], TBC[reedit so sensitive], TBC[reedit talking about new deli], TBC[reedit afraid], TBC[reedit obsessed with step brothers], TBC[reedit obsessed with karma], TBC[reedit so pretentious], TBC[reedit so angry], TBC[reedit so low on lauri marianne], TBC[reedit saying whilst], TBC[reedit using], TBC[reedit considered], TBC[reedit so judgmental], TBC[reedit asking], TBC[reedit hating on president trump], TBC[reedit so freaking], TBC[reedit so wholesome now], TBC[reedit so happy], TBC[reedit programmer], TBC[reedit able], TBC[reedit suddenly hating], TBC[reedit so mad at ea], TBC[reedit so left-leaning politically], TBC[reedit referred to] POSITIVE 0.9760 0.9760 1.0000
app be on phone POSITIVE 0.9725 0.9725 1.0000
ruby be on rails TBC[rails dying], TBC[rails so slow], TBC[rails good], TBC[rails getting nowadays], TBC[rails called on rails], TBC[rails better], TBC[rails so darn slow], TBC[rails in 2015], TBC[rails so bad on windows] POSITIVE 0.9724 0.9726 1.0000
teacher be on strike TBC[strike in arizona], TBC[strike in chicago], TBC[strike in los angeles], TBC[strike in california], TBC[strike in denver], TBC[strike in wv], TBC[strike in washington state], TBC[strike in washington], TBC[strike in vancouver wei], TBC[strike in vancouver washington], TBC[strike in west virginia], TBC[strike in ontario], TBC[strike in kentucky], TBC[strike in oklahoma], some[subj/kentucky], TBC[strike in colorado] POSITIVE 0.9695 0.9695 0.9696
bank holiday be on monday always POSITIVE 0.9649 0.9791 0.9654
scrambled egg be on toast POSITIVE 0.9638 0.9759 1.0000
junior doctor be on strike TBC[strike in britain] POSITIVE 0.9616 1.0000 0.9618
bluetooth be on iphone TBC[always iphone], always POSITIVE 0.9605 0.9605 0.9605
pineapple be on pizza TBC[pizza bad], TBC[pizza meme], TBC[pizza so controversial], TBC[pizza wrong], TBC[pizza considered], TBC[pizza so despised] POSITIVE 0.9601 0.9601 1.0000
app be on ipad POSITIVE 0.9590 0.9590 0.9591
key be on keyboard TBC[where keyboard], some[subj/all], some[subj/two enter] POSITIVE 0.9590 0.9917 0.9981
japanese train be on time always, TBC[always time], TBC[so consistently time] POSITIVE 0.9585 1.0000 0.9899
bark be on trees TBC[trees called] POSITIVE 0.9582 0.9736 1.0000
election day be on tuesday TBC[always tuesday], always, TBC[tuesday in november], TBC[first tuesday of november], TBC[first tuesday in november], TBC[tuesday after first monday], TBC[always first tuesday of november], TBC[tuesday after first monday in november], TBC[tuesday in america] POSITIVE 0.9571 0.9572 0.9731