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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
fool fall in love some[subj/sang why do], some[subj/wrote why do], some[subj/tate why do], some[subj/sings why do], TBC[full movie 123], some[subj/first sang why do], TBC[love ending], TBC[frankie lyon], TBC[diana ross], some[subj/accurate is why do], TBC[draft prospects] POSITIVE 1.0000 1.0000 1.0000
man fall in love some[subj/a gay man fall in love with], TBC[fall in love with support], some[subj/a woman can tell if], TBC[love with women] POSITIVE 1.0000 1.0000 1.0000
woman fall in love TBC[wrong men], TBC[someone else], TBC[love with married men], TBC[somebody else husbands], some[subj/married], TBC[love with douche bags], TBC[love with assholes], TBC[love with serial killers] POSITIVE 0.9999 0.9999 0.9999
human fall in love TBC[love with vampires], TBC[evolutionary biological meaning perspective], TBC[evolutionary biological perspective] POSITIVE 0.9998 0.9998 0.9998
guy fall in love TBC[woman 's absence], TBC[love with models], TBC[love with girls], TBC[love with nurses] POSITIVE 0.9996 0.9996 0.9996
people fall in love TBC[wrong person], TBC[wrong people], always, TBC[love with strangers], TBC[love with cartoon], TBC[sims 2], TBC[people alike], TBC[love with strippers], TBC[opposite sex], TBC[love with twilight], some[subj/messaged], TBC[love with celebrities], some[subj/treat], TBC[love with physical appearance], some[subj/deprived], TBC[love with narcissists], some[subj/get], TBC[love with ruby], TBC[love teenage], TBC[love with fictional characters], TBC[toxic relationships], TBC[first sight], TBC[love with pavements], TBC[love with sociopaths] POSITIVE 0.9993 0.9997 0.9993
leaf fall in autumn some[subj/deciduous] POSITIVE 0.9986 0.9986 1.0000
couple fall in love POSITIVE 0.9920 0.9920 0.9920
friends fall in love some[subj/best], some[subj/to] POSITIVE 0.9915 0.9915 0.9915
human being fall in love TBC[one another] POSITIVE 0.9884 1.0000 0.9884
stray cat fall in love POSITIVE 0.9859 0.9944 0.9859
bird fall in love POSITIVE 0.9838 0.9838 0.9838
married man fall in love TBC[love with woman], TBC[his marriage] POSITIVE 0.9808 0.9821 0.9808
best friend fall in love always POSITIVE 0.9764 0.9765 0.9764
father fall in love TBC[their daughters] POSITIVE 0.9757 0.9757 0.9757
pisces fall in love some[subj/a libra can make] POSITIVE 0.9733 0.9735 0.9733
vampire fall in love TBC[love with humans] POSITIVE 0.9670 0.9670 0.9670
boy fall in love TBC[love with girls] POSITIVE 0.9647 0.9647 0.9647
ant fall in line POSITIVE 0.9647 0.9647 1.0000
everyone fall in love TBC[love with me], TBC[love with akihito], TBC[love with anna 's daughter], TBC[wrong person] POSITIVE 0.9632 0.9632 0.9632