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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
africa has_property poor TBC[so poor], TBC[very poor], TBC[such poor continent], TBC[economically poor], TBC[such poor country], TBC[so but so poor], still, TBC[still poor], TBC[still really poor], TBC[so outstandingly poor] POSITIVE 0.9928 0.9928 0.9928
africa has_property underdeveloped TBC[economically underdeveloped], TBC[underdeveloped country], TBC[so underdeveloped], TBC[still so underdeveloped], still, TBC[continent so underdeveloped] POSITIVE 0.9870 0.9870 1.0000
africa be called dark continent TBC[as dark continent] POSITIVE 0.9863 0.9863 1.0000
africa be called continent TBC[dark continent], TBC[tropical continent], TBC[as dark continent], TBC[darkest continent], TBC[black continent] POSITIVE 0.9837 0.9837 1.0000
africa has_property continent TBC[dark continent], TBC[hottest continent], TBC[developed continent], TBC[richest continent], TBC[oldest continent], TBC[still developing continent], still, TBC[important continent], TBC[such poor continent], TBC[driest continent], TBC[most tropical continent], TBC[second largest continent], TBC[continent so underdeveloped], TBC[most underdeveloped continent], TBC[civilized continent] POSITIVE 0.9768 0.9768 0.9768
africa be known as the motherland POSITIVE 0.9608 0.9608 1.0000
africa have no preparations always POSITIVE 0.9591 0.9591 1.0000
africa have highest birth rate POSITIVE 0.9501 0.9501 1.0000
africa be called rainbow nation POSITIVE 0.9441 0.9441 0.9948
africa keep playing on the radio POSITIVE 0.9284 0.9284 1.0000
africa has_property as a whole POSITIVE 0.9026 0.9026 0.9355
africa have aids TBC[so many aids], TBC[most aids] POSITIVE 0.9018 0.9018 0.9628
africa has_property in the eastern hemisphere POSITIVE 0.9004 0.9004 1.0000
africa be known as the cradle of civilization POSITIVE 0.8961 0.8961 1.0000
africa has_property rich TBC[so rich], some[subj/south], TBC[rich country], TBC[so rich so] POSITIVE 0.8929 0.8929 0.8929
africa be known as the dark continent POSITIVE 0.8822 0.8822 1.0000
africa look like a skull POSITIVE 0.8801 0.8801 1.0000
africa has_property the future POSITIVE 0.8747 0.8747 0.9242
africa has_property country TBC[truly amazing country], some[subj/south], TBC[undeveloped country], TBC[rich country], TBC[developing country], TBC[underdeveloped country], TBC[such poor country], TBC[best country], TBC[hottest country], TBC[largely third-world country], TBC[mysterious country] POSITIVE 0.8741 0.8741 0.8741
africa has_property in the news POSITIVE 0.8731 0.8731 0.8732