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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
earth 's layer has_property different some[subj/the earth's layers are differen], some[subj/the earth's layers are different from each othe], some[subj/earth's layers are alike and differen], some[subj/earth's layers are differen] POSITIVE 0.7607 1.0000 0.7607
earth 's layer has_property alike some[subj/earth's layers are alike and differen], some[subj/earth's layers are alik] POSITIVE 0.6208 0.8161 0.6240
earth 's layer has_property made of some[subj/we know what the earth's layers are made o] POSITIVE 0.1653 0.2173 0.1790
earth 's layer work as system some[subj/earth's layers work as a syste] POSITIVE 0.0285 0.0375 0.4182
earth 's layer has_property formed some[subj/earth's layers are forme], some[subj/the earth's layers are forme], TBC[four layers], some[subj/the earth's four layers were forme] POSITIVE 0.0233 0.0307 0.0233
earth 's layer be in order some[subj/earth's layers are in this orde], some[subj/the earth's layers are in the order that they ar] POSITIVE 0.0133 0.0174 0.0133
earth 's layer has_property similar some[subj/earth's layers are simila] POSITIVE 0.0095 0.0125 0.0095
earth 's layer get more dense some[subj/the earth's layers get more dense as you approach the inner cor] POSITIVE 0.0093 0.0122 1.0000
earth 's layer contribute to planet 's physical characteristics some[subj/earth's layers contribute to the planet's physical characteristic] POSITIVE 0.0071 0.0093 1.0000
earth 's layer has_property divided some[subj/earth's layers are divide] POSITIVE 0.0062 0.0081 0.0064
earth 's layer be sorted by density some[subj/earth's layers are sorted by densit] POSITIVE 0.0042 0.0055 0.0086
earth 's layer has_trait organized some[subj/earth's layers are organize], some[subj/the earth's layers are organize] POSITIVE 0.0035 0.0046 0.0035
earth 's layer can defined some[subj/earth's layers can be define], TBC[can defined briefly], some[subj/earth's layers can be defined briefl], some[subj/earth's layers can be defined aish] POSITIVE 0.0024 0.0032 0.0024
earth 's layer has_property identified some[subj/earth's layers are identifie] POSITIVE 0.0008 0.0011 0.0008
earth 's layer has_property studied some[subj/earth's layers are studie] POSITIVE 0.0008 0.0010 0.0181
earth 's layer can illustrated some[subj/the earth's layers can be illustrate] POSITIVE 0.0007 0.0009 0.0007