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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
ionic compound dissolve in water some[subj/ionic and polar compounds dissolve in wate], some[subj/many], some[subj/all], generally, some[subj/different], some[subj/1994], some[subj/way], TBC[why water], some[subj/find], some[subj/famous] POSITIVE 0.9990 0.9990 0.9990
ionic compound conduct electricity some[subj/solid], only, some[subj/liquid], some[subj/aqueous] POSITIVE 0.9947 0.9947 0.9947
ionic compound has_trait brittle TBC[usually hard], some[subj/most], TBC[so brittle] POSITIVE 0.9893 0.9893 1.0000
ionic compound conduct electricity when in water POSITIVE 0.9846 0.9846 1.0000
ionic compound have melting point TBC[very high melting points], TBC[such high melting points], TBC[high melting points], TBC[higher melting point], TBC[low melting points], TBC[high melting point], some[subj/some], TBC[high melting points compared to bivalent], TBC[higher melting points], generally, TBC[high boiling points] POSITIVE 0.9824 0.9824 0.9824
ionic compound conduct electricity in molten state POSITIVE 0.9809 0.9809 1.0000
ionic compound has_trait neutral TBC[electrically neutral], TBC[neutral overall], some[subj/most], TBC[mexican neutral] POSITIVE 0.9806 0.9806 1.0000
ionic compound have high melting point generally, TBC[very high melting points], TBC[such high melting points], TBC[high melting points compared to bivalent] POSITIVE 0.9779 0.9779 0.9865
ionic compound be soluble in water some[subj/all], some[subj/you know if], some[subj/you know which], generally POSITIVE 0.9766 0.9766 0.9766
ionic compound have high melting TBC[such high melting] POSITIVE 0.9748 0.9748 1.0000
ionic compound tend to be brittle POSITIVE 0.9726 0.9726 1.0000
ionic compound dissolved in water POSITIVE 0.9725 0.9725 0.9726
ionic compound tend to be hard POSITIVE 0.9715 0.9715 1.0000
ionic compound need to be POSITIVE 0.9696 0.9696 0.9696
ionic compound have high boiling point POSITIVE 0.9695 0.9695 0.9975
ionic compound stay together POSITIVE 0.9683 0.9683 0.9683
ionic compound has_property gases never POSITIVE 0.9615 0.9615 1.0000
ionic compound include at least one metal POSITIVE 0.9605 0.9605 1.0000
ionic compound have boiling point TBC[high boiling point], TBC[high boiling points], TBC[higher boiling points], TBC[high melting point], TBC[such high melting] POSITIVE 0.9550 0.9550 0.9551
ionic compound have higher melting point POSITIVE 0.9542 0.9542 1.0000