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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
life has_property unfair TBC[so unfair], always, TBC[always unfair], TBC[so unfair sometimes], sometimes, TBC[very unfair], TBC[unfair most of time], TBC[so fucking unfair], TBC[everything so easy], TBC[so cruel], TBC[so bad] POSITIVE 0.9998 0.9998 1.0000
life has_manner hard TBC[so hard], TBC[sometimes so damn hard], sometimes, TBC[why evil], TBC[so freaking hard], TBC[sooooooo hard], TBC[so bloody hard], TBC[so confusing], TBC[so hard sometimes], TBC[so hard for], TBC[so hard then], TBC[soon hard], TBC[so damn hard], TBC[so fucking hard], TBC[always either hard], always, TBC[so needlessly hard], TBC[as hard], TBC[so ugly], TBC[so hard really] POSITIVE 0.9959 0.9959 0.9959
life depend on water POSITIVE 0.9926 0.9926 1.0000
life has_property strange TBC[so strange] POSITIVE 0.9918 0.9918 0.9918
life has_trait difficult TBC[so difficult], TBC[so unfair], some[subj/explain], generally, TBC[sometimes so difficult], sometimes, TBC[so fucking difficult], TBC[generally difficult], TBC[so unrelentingly difficult], TBC[so fucking confusing], TBC[so difficult sometimes] POSITIVE 0.9908 0.9908 0.9908
life be different TBC[different back then], generally, TBC[different before medication], TBC[different now], TBC[now different], TBC[different generally] POSITIVE 0.9886 0.9886 0.9886
life has_property complicated TBC[so complicated sometimes], sometimes, TBC[so complicated], TBC[so stressful], TBC[so damn complicated] POSITIVE 0.9875 0.9875 0.9898
life has_property like a camera POSITIVE 0.9862 0.9862 1.0000
life be for people TBC[black people before slavery], TBC[chinese people in australian goldfields], TBC[people during glorious revolution], TBC[people moving to california in dust bowl], TBC[jewish people after fall of nazis], TBC[vietnamese people], TBC[indian people in australia], TBC[deaf people without music], TBC[gay people in sweden], TBC[transgender people in croatia], TBC[black people in mauritania], TBC[black people in algeria], TBC[black people in iraq], TBC[black people in kuwait], TBC[black people in morocco], TBC[black people in egypt], TBC[black people in jordan], TBC[black people in oman], TBC[black people in tunisia] POSITIVE 0.9857 0.9857 1.0000
life has_property depressing TBC[so depressing] POSITIVE 0.9736 0.9736 1.0000
life has_property confusing TBC[so confusing], TBC[so damned confusing], TBC[so fucking confusing] POSITIVE 0.9699 0.9699 0.9727
life exist in the biosphere POSITIVE 0.9645 0.9645 1.0000
life feel like a chore POSITIVE 0.9636 0.9636 0.9948
life has_trait boring TBC[soon boring], TBC[so freaking boring], TBC[so boring], TBC[so meaningless], TBC[so nor boring], TBC[boring sometimes], sometimes, TBC[western boring], always, TBC[so boring nowadays] POSITIVE 0.9635 0.9635 0.9653
life has_property beautiful TBC[so beautiful], TBC[beautiful in spanish spelled] POSITIVE 0.9560 0.9560 0.9560
life has_property bad TBC[bad think], TBC[so bad] POSITIVE 0.9536 0.9536 0.9536
life feel like a game POSITIVE 0.9534 0.9534 1.0000
life has_property as hard POSITIVE 0.9533 0.9533 1.0000
life has_place down POSITIVE 0.9494 0.9494 0.9494
life begin at 40 POSITIVE 0.9483 0.9483 1.0000