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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
ohm 's law relate current resistance POSITIVE 0.6348 1.0000 1.0000
ohm 's law relate current voltage difference some[subj/ohm's law relate current voltage difference and resistanc] POSITIVE 0.4176 0.6579 1.0000
ohm 's law related to taping some[subj/ohm's law related to tapin] POSITIVE 0.0203 0.0320 1.0000
ohm 's law apply to conductors some[subj/ohm's law apply to conductor] POSITIVE 0.0179 0.0281 1.0000
ohm 's law describe relationship between electric current voltage some[subj/ohm's law describe the relationship between electric current voltage and resistanc] POSITIVE 0.0169 0.0267 1.0000
ohm 's law be used by engineers some[subj/ohm's law is used by engineer] POSITIVE 0.0160 0.0252 0.0206
ohm 's law apply to real world some[subj/ohm's law apply to the real worl] POSITIVE 0.0151 0.0239 0.0572
ohm 's law be related to electricity some[subj/ohm's law is related to electricit] POSITIVE 0.0101 0.0159 0.0120
ohm 's law has_property verified TBC[verified experimentally], some[subj/ohm's law is verified experimentall], some[subj/ohm's law is verifie], some[subj/the ohm's law is verified experimentall], TBC[experimentally verified], some[subj/ohm's law is experimentally verifie], TBC[how verified], some[subj/ohm's law how is it verifie] POSITIVE 0.0101 0.0159 0.0101
ohm 's law can verified TBC[can verified experimentally], some[subj/ohm's law can be verified experimentall], some[subj/ohm's law can be verifie], TBC[how can verified], some[subj/ohm's law how can it be verifie] POSITIVE 0.0097 0.0153 0.0100
ohm 's law has_property experimentally verified some[subj/ohm's law is experimentally verifie] POSITIVE 0.0082 0.0129 1.0000
ohm 's law be useful as technician some[subj/ohm's law is useful as a technicia] POSITIVE 0.0075 0.0118 1.0000
ohm 's law relate to resistance some[subj/ohm's law relate to resistanc] POSITIVE 0.0074 0.0116 0.0122
ohm 's law used can define some[subj/ohm's law used to can define oh] POSITIVE 0.0071 0.0112 1.0000
ohm 's law be used in everyday life some[subj/ohm's law is used in everyday lif] POSITIVE 0.0063 0.0099 0.0065
ohm 's law be important to electrical engineers some[subj/ohm's law is important to electrical engineer] POSITIVE 0.0060 0.0095 1.0000
ohm 's law help us some[subj/ohm's law help u] POSITIVE 0.0060 0.0094 0.0060
ohm 's law hold at constant temperature TBC[only constant temperature], some[subj/ohm's law hold true only at a constant temperatur], only POSITIVE 0.0059 0.0093 1.0000
ohm 's law be expressed in words some[subj/ohm's law is expressed in word] POSITIVE 0.0046 0.0073 1.0000
ohm 's law can used some[subj/ohm's law can be use], some[subj/ohm's law can be used to define oh], TBC[can used in electronics], some[subj/ohm's law can be used in electronic] POSITIVE 0.0044 0.0069 0.0044