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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
people has_body_part hair TBC[red hair], TBC[pubic hair], TBC[black hair], TBC[curly hair], TBC[gray hair], TBC[orange hair], TBC[purple hair], TBC[white hair], TBC[blue eyes], TBC[underarm hair], TBC[blonde hair], TBC[blue hair], some[subj/many], TBC[green eyes], TBC[green ring eyes], TBC[different colored hair], TBC[different hair], TBC[such great hair], TBC[bad hair], TBC[such short hair] POSITIVE 0.9995 1.0000 0.9995
people fall in love TBC[wrong person], TBC[wrong people], always, TBC[love with strangers], TBC[love with cartoon], TBC[sims 2], TBC[people alike], TBC[love with strippers], TBC[opposite sex], TBC[love with twilight], some[subj/messaged], TBC[love with celebrities], some[subj/treat], TBC[love with physical appearance], some[subj/deprived], TBC[love with narcissists], some[subj/get], TBC[love with ruby], TBC[love teenage], TBC[love with fictional characters], TBC[toxic relationships], TBC[first sight], TBC[love with pavements], TBC[love with sociopaths] POSITIVE 0.9993 0.9997 0.9993
people believe in god TBC[supernatural figures like satan], still, TBC[angry god], TBC[21st century], TBC[many gods], only, TBC[only god], TBC[higher power], TBC[believe in god], some[subj/working], some[subj/many], TBC[service higher power], some[subj/confident], TBC[time power], some[subj/fearless], TBC[merciful god], TBC[specific god], TBC[invisible god] POSITIVE 0.9983 0.9988 0.9984
people have child still, TBC[when too much work], TBC[war zones] POSITIVE 0.9963 0.9967 0.9963
people fall out of love TBC[love with one another] POSITIVE 0.9946 0.9951 0.9951
people get married some[subj/less], TBC[married anyway], TBC[so afraid], TBC[so eager], TBC[always married], always, some[subj/“ baby “], TBC[directly married instead], some[subj/can`t], TBC[so married], some[subj/last], some[subj/some], some[subj/ece], TBC[still married], still, TBC[ever married], TBC[married anymore], TBC[married twice], TBC[legally married], TBC[married nowadays], TBC[so pressured], TBC[married at age 23], TBC[really married] POSITIVE 0.9944 0.9948 0.9944
people keep saying TBC[kobe 's rapist], TBC[saying like], TBC[magic talking meat ball], TBC[chill step], TBC[man 's name], TBC[so much hype], TBC[winter 2014], TBC[nice meme randomly], TBC[justice for mike brown], TBC[buff res tech], TBC[day one], TBC[bias biased], TBC[possible spoilers], TBC[damn daniel], TBC[here come dat box], TBC[rip call of duty], TBC[saying far], TBC[swine flu], TBC[fuck rape culture], TBC[oats on instagram], TBC[cool dick], TBC[his name], TBC[fuck cancer], TBC[good guy bethesda], TBC[free x like wt], TBC[$ 100 %] POSITIVE 0.9939 0.9944 0.9979
people has_body_part face TBC[red faces], TBC[asymmetrical faces], TBC[they age], TBC[round face], TBC[flat face], TBC[same face], some[subj/many], TBC[monthly face], TBC[punch-able faces], TBC[different resting faces], TBC[shiny healthy looking face] POSITIVE 0.9847 0.9852 0.9847
people has_body_part eyes TBC[yellow eyes], TBC[red eyes], TBC[blue eyes], TBC[black eyes], TBC[brown eyes], TBC[green eyes], TBC[black hair], TBC[different colored blue eyes], TBC[different colored eyes], TBC[purple eyes], TBC[watery eyes], TBC[lazy eyes], some[subj/many], TBC[deep eyes], TBC[small eyes], TBC[smaller eyes], TBC[red eyes on old photographs] POSITIVE 0.9775 0.9779 0.9775
people has_property asshole TBC[such assholes], TBC[so egotistical assholes], TBC[such fucking assholes], TBC[greedy assholes], TBC[here such flaming assholes], still, TBC[still assholes], TBC[arrogant assholes], TBC[generally such assholes], generally, TBC[such inconsiderate assholes], TBC[such assholes sometimes], sometimes POSITIVE 0.9764 0.9769 1.0000
people has_trait mean TBC[so mean], TBC[so mean sometime 's], TBC[so damn mean], TBC[soooooooo mean], sometimes, TBC[mean sometimes], TBC[so mean sometimes], TBC[so mean nowadays], TBC[so selfish], TBC[so goddamn mean], TBC[so rude], TBC[always so mean], always POSITIVE 0.9747 0.9752 0.9747
people believe in conspiracy theory some[subj/video], some[subj/delete] POSITIVE 0.9708 0.9713 1.0000
people celebrate christmas TBC[christmas on christmas island], TBC[christmas on december 25], still POSITIVE 0.9682 0.9687 0.9682
people has_body_part lip TBC[dry lip], TBC[red lips] POSITIVE 0.9670 0.9675 0.9670
people have baby TBC[so many babies] POSITIVE 0.9655 0.9659 0.9655
people say xmas POSITIVE 0.9615 0.9619 1.0000
people eat boogers POSITIVE 0.9533 0.9538 0.9698
people have kids TBC[so many kids], TBC[kids at wrong ages], TBC[mustn family], TBC[fewer kids], still, TBC[heavily pressured], TBC[so heavily pressured], TBC[disabled kids] POSITIVE 0.9518 0.9522 1.0000
people believe in religion TBC[organized religion], TBC[wrong religion], TBC[different religions], still, TBC[21st century], TBC[religion flat in general], TBC[religion given 21st century], TBC[advancements in modern science], some[subj/pass], some[subj/nicmar], TBC[specific religion], TBC[other religions] POSITIVE 0.9486 0.9490 1.0000
people listen to music TBC[music written], still, TBC[bad music], TBC[classical music], TBC[folk music], TBC[music for], TBC[music on phones], TBC[discordant music], TBC[shitty music], TBC[such unhappy music] POSITIVE 0.9442 0.9447 0.9443