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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
piaget 's theory differ from from erickson some[subj/piaget's theories differ from erickson'] POSITIVE 0.0097 1.0000 1.0000
piaget 's theory explain cognitive development some[subj/piaget's theory explain cognitive developmen] POSITIVE 0.0085 0.8690 0.0244
piaget 's theory apply to social work some[subj/piaget's theory apply to social wor] POSITIVE 0.0073 0.7526 1.0000
piaget 's theory affect practice some[subj/piaget's theory affect practic] POSITIVE 0.0039 0.3999 0.0049
piaget 's theory be important in education some[subj/piaget's theory is important in educatio] POSITIVE 0.0038 0.3917 0.0041
piaget 's theory can applied TBC[can applied in classroom], some[subj/piaget's theory can be applied in the classroo], TBC[can applied in classroom pd], some[subj/piaget's theory can be applied in the classroom p] POSITIVE 0.0032 0.3247 0.0788
piaget 's theory apply to classroom some[subj/piaget's theory of cognitive development apply to the classroo] POSITIVE 0.0005 0.0499 1.0000
piaget 's theory be used in classroom some[subj/piaget's theory is used in the classroo] POSITIVE 0.0005 0.0467 0.0012
piaget 's theory has_property useful some[subj/piaget's theory is usefu] POSITIVE 0.0002 0.0186 0.0002