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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
soccer be called football sometimes, TBC[football elsewhere in world] POSITIVE 0.9974 0.9974 0.9974
soccer has_trait popular TBC[so popular], TBC[most popular], TBC[popular sport], TBC[such popular sport], TBC[such worldwide popular sport] POSITIVE 0.9939 0.9939 0.9939
soccer has_property sport TBC[best sport], TBC[most popular sport], TBC[worst sport], TBC[hardest sport], TBC[such good sport], TBC[such bad sport], TBC[good sport], TBC[dangerous sport], TBC[important sport], TBC[international sport], TBC[bad sport], TBC[popular sport], TBC[great sport], TBC[such dumb sport], TBC[worst sport ever invented], TBC[best sport ever], still, TBC[aerobic sport], TBC[competitive sport], TBC[french sport], TBC[olympic sport], TBC[really famous sport], TBC[safe sport], TBC[worldwide sport], TBC[still sport], TBC[such popular sport], TBC[most active sport], TBC[most common sport played in ex salvador], TBC[most physically demanding sport], TBC[most played sport], TBC[most popular sport worldwide], TBC[most internationally watched sport], TBC[best sports], TBC[such worldwide popular sport], TBC[emotional sport], TBC[dangerous sports] POSITIVE 0.9935 0.9935 0.9935
soccer has_property the best sport in the world POSITIVE 0.9863 0.9863 1.0000
soccer be popular in italy POSITIVE 0.9844 0.9844 0.9919
soccer be known as the world game POSITIVE 0.9796 0.9796 1.0000
soccer be more popular than football TBC[american football around world] POSITIVE 0.9744 0.9744 1.0000
soccer has_property the most popular sport in the world POSITIVE 0.9734 0.9734 1.0000
soccer be popular in germany POSITIVE 0.9717 0.9717 0.9721
soccer be called soccer in the us POSITIVE 0.9709 0.9709 1.0000
soccer has_property the best POSITIVE 0.9683 0.9683 0.9745
soccer be important to brazil POSITIVE 0.9655 0.9655 1.0000
soccer has_trait exciting TBC[so exciting] POSITIVE 0.9640 0.9640 0.9641
soccer affect world POSITIVE 0.9634 0.9634 1.0000
soccer add time at the end POSITIVE 0.9586 0.9586 1.0000
soccer be popular in spain POSITIVE 0.9562 0.9562 1.0000
soccer has_property football TBC[original football] POSITIVE 0.9557 0.9557 0.9584
soccer has_property in the olympics POSITIVE 0.9544 0.9545 0.9545
soccer has_property best sport TBC[best sport ever] POSITIVE 0.9502 0.9502 0.9968
soccer has_property fun TBC[so fun] POSITIVE 0.9478 0.9478 0.9478