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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
someone 's name appear on caller i d some[subj/someone else's name appear on caller i] POSITIVE 0.0318 1.0000 1.0000
someone 's name appear on first instagram some[subj/someone's name appear first on instagra] POSITIVE 0.0120 0.3775 1.0000
someone 's name have moon some[subj/someone's name have a moon next to i] POSITIVE 0.0059 0.1856 0.0059
someone 's name appear on facebook some[subj/someone's name appear grey on faceboo], some[subj/someone's name appear black on faceboo] POSITIVE 0.0040 0.1270 0.0040
someone 's name disappear on snap chat some[subj/someone's name disappear on snap cha] POSITIVE 0.0033 0.1051 0.0034
someone 's name keep appearing some[subj/someone's name keep appearin] POSITIVE 0.0031 0.0982 0.0032
someone 's name disappear on whats app some[subj/someone's name disappear on whats ap] POSITIVE 0.0024 0.0747 0.1151
someone 's name disappear from lists of followers some[subj/someone's name disappear from the lists of followers and following on instagra] POSITIVE 0.0009 0.0267 1.0000
someone 's name go on snapchat some[subj/someone's name go grey on snapcha] POSITIVE 0.0004 0.0139 0.3343
someone 's name appear first on instagram story some[subj/someone's name appear first on instagram stor] POSITIVE 0.0004 0.0132 1.0000