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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
temperature has_property related TBC[directly related], TBC[related in gas] POSITIVE 0.9997 0.9997 nan
temperature affect enzyme activity some[subj/low], some[subj/high], some[subj/a low], some[subj/a lower], some[subj/many] POSITIVE 0.9984 0.9984 1.0000
temperature affect solubility TBC[solubility of gases], TBC[solubility of substance], TBC[solubility of salts], TBC[solubility of liquid], TBC[solubility of solid], TBC[solubility of co2], TBC[solubility of sodium chloride], TBC[solubility of sugar], some[subj/a specific] POSITIVE 0.9945 0.9945 1.0000
temperature affect speed TBC[speed of sound], TBC[speed of water], TBC[speed of sound waves], TBC[speed of car], TBC[speed of molecules], TBC[speed of reaction] POSITIVE 0.9935 0.9935 0.9935
temperature affect speed of sound POSITIVE 0.9932 0.9932 1.0000
temperature affect taste TBC[taste of food], TBC[taste of beer], TBC[taste of solid food], TBC[taste of foods] POSITIVE 0.9918 0.9918 1.0000
temperature go up at night POSITIVE 0.9916 0.9916 1.0000
temperature affect rate TBC[rate of reaction], TBC[rate of diffusion], TBC[rate of respiration], TBC[rate of photosynthesis], TBC[rate of transpiration], TBC[rate of dna synthesis], TBC[rate of dissolving], TBC[rate of chemical weathering], TBC[rate of osmosis], TBC[rate of re activity], TBC[rate of crystallization], TBC[metabolic rate], TBC[rates of reaction], TBC[rate of industrial reaction], TBC[rate of alcoholic fermentation], TBC[rate of chlorophyll loss], TBC[rate of dissolving of substance], TBC[rate of evaporation], TBC[rate of melting of ice], TBC[rate of mold growth on food], TBC[rate of photoysistes], TBC[rate of reaction between hypo], TBC[rate of rusting] POSITIVE 0.9913 0.9913 1.0000
temperature affect photosynthesis POSITIVE 0.9908 0.9908 1.0000
temperature affect enzyme POSITIVE 0.9892 0.9892 1.0000
temperature affect viscosity TBC[viscosity of magma], TBC[viscosity of honey], TBC[viscosity of liquid], TBC[viscosity of fluid], TBC[liquid viscosity] POSITIVE 0.9869 0.9869 1.0000
temperature affect density TBC[density of seawater], TBC[density of object], TBC[density of gas], TBC[density of diesel fuel], TBC[density of fuel], TBC[density of gasoline], TBC[density of liquid] POSITIVE 0.9815 0.9815 1.0000
temperature affect rate of reaction TBC[rate of industrial reaction], TBC[rate of reaction between hypo] POSITIVE 0.9807 0.9807 0.9808
temperature rise at night POSITIVE 0.9801 0.9801 1.0000
temperature relate to heat POSITIVE 0.9794 0.9794 1.0000
temperature affect rate of photosynthesis POSITIVE 0.9771 0.9771 1.0000
temperature affect ice POSITIVE 0.9756 0.9756 1.0000
temperature affect plant growth POSITIVE 0.9755 0.9755 0.9786
temperature affect resistance TBC[electrical resistance], TBC[resistance of wire], TBC[resistance of conductor] POSITIVE 0.9754 0.9754 1.0000
temperature affect diffusion rate POSITIVE 0.9751 0.9751 1.0000