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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
western gorilla protect itself some[subj/a western lowland gorilla protect itsel] POSITIVE 0.0308 1.0000 0.0314
western gorilla has_property endangered some[subj/the western lowland gorillas are endangere], some[subj/western lowland gorillas are endangere], some[subj/western lowland gorilla is endangere], some[subj/western lowland gorilla are endangere] POSITIVE 0.0286 0.9285 0.0286
western gorilla get food some[subj/western lowland gorillas get their foo] POSITIVE 0.0185 0.5986 0.0185
western gorilla protect themselves some[subj/western lowland gorillas protect themselve] POSITIVE 0.0132 0.4276 0.0132
western gorilla be important to ecosystem some[subj/the western lowland gorilla is important to the ecosyste] POSITIVE 0.0022 0.0704 0.0022
western gorilla be different from giant panda POSITIVE 0.0019 0.0629 1.0000
western gorilla adapt to environment POSITIVE 0.0006 0.0207 0.0006