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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
blue octopu have blue rings some[subj/blue ringed octopus have blue ring] POSITIVE 0.0011 0.1599 1.0000
blue octopu has_effect dangerous some[subj/blue ringed octopus are dangerou], TBC[so dangerous], some[subj/the blue ringed octopus is so dangerou] POSITIVE 0.0071 1.0000 0.0071
blue octopu can occur POSITIVE 0.0028 0.3892 0.0028
blue octopu adapt to environment some[subj/blue ringed octopus adapt to their environmen] POSITIVE 0.0013 0.1845 0.0013
blue octopu protect themselves some[subj/blue ringed octopus protect themselve] POSITIVE 0.0011 0.1519 0.0011
blue octopu can quit POSITIVE 0.0010 0.1357 0.0010
blue octopu defend themselves some[subj/blue ringed octopus defend themselve] POSITIVE 0.0008 0.1153 0.0008