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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
many electron be in element some[subj/you know how], some[subj/you find how], some[subj/i know how], some[subj/you tell how] POSITIVE 0.0059 1.0000 0.3046
helium has_property element TBC[inert elements], TBC[reactive element], TBC[second most abundant element], TBC[stable element], TBC[important element], TBC[best element], TBC[inert element], TBC[special element], TBC[2 electrons], TBC[such stable element], TBC[now element] POSITIVE 0.9904 0.9904 0.9904
hydrogen ga has_property element POSITIVE 0.9580 0.9620 0.9580
carbon has_property element TBC[unique element], TBC[most important element], TBC[best element], TBC[such important element], TBC[such versatile element], TBC[such unique element], TBC[such special element], TBC[too other elements], TBC[ideal element], TBC[nonmetal element added], TBC[significant element], TBC[strongest element] POSITIVE 0.9337 0.9337 0.9337
lead has_property element TBC[heaviest stable element] POSITIVE 0.9157 0.9160 0.9157
tin has_property element POSITIVE 0.9001 0.9001 0.9001
carbon be called element TBC[element of life], TBC[versatile element], TBC[unique element] POSITIVE 0.8895 0.8895 1.0000
hydrogen be called element TBC[special element], TBC[simplest element] POSITIVE 0.8895 0.8895 1.0000
noble gas has_property element TBC[most stable elements], TBC[reactive elements], TBC[least reactive element] POSITIVE 0.8833 0.8833 0.8833
flame test identify element TBC[can used], TBC[unknown element] POSITIVE 0.8759 0.8817 1.0000
gold has_property element TBC[79th element], TBC[heaviest element] POSITIVE 0.8789 0.8789 0.8789
uranium has_property element TBC[heaviest natural element], TBC[last naturally occurring element], TBC[radioactive element], TBC[unique element], TBC[heaviest element], TBC[dangerous element], TBC[element used] POSITIVE 0.8729 0.8730 0.8729
iron has_property element TBC[important element], TBC[most stable element], some[subj/pure], TBC[heaviest element produced by stars] POSITIVE 0.8260 0.8260 0.8260
isotope be different from element TBC[regular element], TBC[naturally occurring elements] POSITIVE 0.8080 0.8084 1.0000
atom has_property element TBC[chemical elements], TBC[same element similar] POSITIVE 0.8010 0.8010 0.8010
fluorine has_property element TBC[most electronegative element], TBC[most reactive element], TBC[most nonmetallic element], TBC[molecular element] POSITIVE 0.7817 0.7818 0.7817
isotope has_property element TBC[same element] POSITIVE 0.7744 0.7748 0.7744
undesirable has_property element POSITIVE 0.7249 0.7656 0.7249
magnesium has_property element POSITIVE 0.7624 0.7629 0.7624
sulfur has_property element POSITIVE 0.7603 0.7604 0.7603