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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
christianity has_property religion TBC[universal religion], TBC[most popular religion], TBC[biggest religion], TBC[right religion rave], TBC[most influential religion], TBC[synthetic religion], TBC[ethnic religion], TBC[universalizing religion], TBC[largest religion], TBC[monotheistic religion], TBC[western religion], TBC[most followed religion], TBC[most widely practiced religion], TBC[most widespread religion], TBC[most practiced religion], TBC[most important religion], TBC[missionary religion], TBC[global religion], TBC[dynamic religion], TBC[such violent religion], TBC[diverse religion], TBC[popular religion], TBC[dominant religion], TBC[diametrically opposite religions], TBC[right religion], TBC[true religion], TBC[most prevalent religion], TBC[correct religion] POSITIVE 0.9983 1.0000 0.9983
global busines be affected by religion POSITIVE 0.3315 1.0000 1.0000
tradition be important in religion POSITIVE 0.9194 1.0000 0.9385
calligraphy be important in religion POSITIVE 0.8254 1.0000 0.8425
atheism has_property religion TBC[best religion] POSITIVE 0.9617 1.0000 0.9617
animism has_property religion POSITIVE 0.7837 1.0000 0.7837
spiritualism has_property religion POSITIVE 0.4672 1.0000 0.4672
religious person believe in religion POSITIVE 0.0404 1.0000 0.0426
mysticism affect religion POSITIVE 0.5555 1.0000 0.7860
sikhism has_property religion TBC[best religion], TBC[universalizing religion], TBC[ethnic religion], TBC[monotheistic religion] POSITIVE 0.8863 1.0000 0.8863
symbolism be important in religion POSITIVE 0.9482 1.0000 0.9679
morality be independent of religion POSITIVE 0.9443 1.0000 1.0000
symbol be important in religion POSITIVE 0.9777 0.9974 0.9981
islam has_property religion TBC[fastest growing religion], TBC[second largest religion], TBC[important religion], TBC[universalizing religion], TBC[western religion], TBC[popular religion], TBC[monotheistic religion], TBC[right religion], TBC[good religion], TBC[highly disciplined religion], TBC[best religion], TBC[biggest religion], TBC[growing religion], TBC[mechanical religion], TBC[most hated religion], TBC[andean religion], still, TBC[worthy religion], TBC[most criticized religion], TBC[only religion labeled], only, TBC[such violent religion right now], TBC[still religion], TBC[most peaceful religion], TBC[universal religion], TBC[peaceful religion] POSITIVE 0.9967 0.9968 0.9967
tradition has_property religion POSITIVE 0.9123 0.9923 0.9123
catholicism has_property religion TBC[best religion], TBC[major religion practiced in latin america], TBC[major religion], TBC[most common religion], TBC[only true religion], only, TBC[first christian religion] POSITIVE 0.9111 0.9880 0.9111
pilgrimage be important in religion POSITIVE 0.9069 0.9870 0.9257
christian has_property religion TBC[triumphalist religions] POSITIVE 0.9860 0.9861 0.9860
culture have religion some[subj/all], some[subj/every], TBC[different religion], TBC[different religions] POSITIVE 0.9805 0.9857 0.9805
ritual be important to religion POSITIVE 0.9274 0.9853 1.0000