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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
elephant has_body_part trunk TBC[so long trunks], TBC[long trunks], TBC[big trunks], TBC[long trunk], TBC[such big trunks] POSITIVE 1.0000 1.0000 1.0000
elephant have tusks TBC[so valuable tusks], some[subj/some], TBC[small tusks], TBC[pink tusks], some[subj/male], some[subj/female], some[subj/asian], some[subj/african], TBC[tusks for] POSITIVE 0.9997 0.9997 0.9997
elephant have big ear TBC[so big ears], TBC[such big ears], some[subj/african], TBC[big thin ears], TBC[long big ears] POSITIVE 0.9996 0.9996 1.0000
elephant be afraid of mouse TBC[teeny weeny mice] POSITIVE 0.9979 0.9979 1.0000
elephant live in africa only POSITIVE 0.9975 0.9975 0.9975
elephant has_body_part ear TBC[so big ears], TBC[large ears], TBC[so large ears], TBC[big ears], TBC[different sized ears], TBC[large flat ears], TBC[large thin ears], TBC[huge ears], TBC[such big ears], TBC[flat ears], some[subj/african], TBC[bigger ears], TBC[such large ears], some[subj/an african], TBC[long ears], TBC[big ear], TBC[big thin ears], TBC[long big ears], TBC[pointy ears] POSITIVE 0.9974 0.9974 0.9974
elephant has_body_part eye TBC[small eyes], TBC[so small eyes], TBC[such small eyes], TBC[red eyes], TBC[black eyes], TBC[big eyes], TBC[such red eyes] POSITIVE 0.9970 0.9970 0.9970
elephant has_body_part tail TBC[so small tails], TBC[small tails], TBC[short tails], TBC[pointy tails], TBC[small tail], TBC[long tails], TBC[such little tails] POSITIVE 0.9966 0.9966 0.9966
elephant have flat feet POSITIVE 0.9963 0.9963 1.0000
elephant drink water TBC[so much water] POSITIVE 0.9954 0.9954 0.9954
elephant has_body_part foot TBC[flat feet], TBC[so big feet], TBC[so dangerous], TBC[so heavy], TBC[yellow feet], TBC[round feet], TBC[large feet], TBC[broad feet], TBC[big feet] POSITIVE 0.9949 0.9949 0.9950
elephant have baby POSITIVE 0.9946 0.9946 0.9946
elephant has_body_part tusk TBC[tusk less], some[subj/some female], TBC[long tusk] POSITIVE 0.9944 0.9944 1.0000
elephant get pregnant POSITIVE 0.9935 0.9935 0.9935
elephant have good memory TBC[so good memories], TBC[such good memories] POSITIVE 0.9935 0.9935 1.0000
elephant need tusk POSITIVE 0.9926 0.9926 1.0000
elephant have big feet TBC[so big feet] POSITIVE 0.9917 0.9917 1.0000
elephant sway back POSITIVE 0.9906 0.9906 1.0000
elephant stay cool POSITIVE 0.9906 0.9906 1.0000
elephant lose tusks POSITIVE 0.9891 0.9891 1.0000