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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
flame test can used TBC[can used in real life], TBC[can used in everyday life], TBC[can used in real world], TBC[identity of element] POSITIVE 0.1156 0.1164 0.1162
fax machine has_property used still POSITIVE 0.1139 0.1154 0.1472
balanced chemical equation can used POSITIVE 0.1117 0.1173 0.1123
potato can used TBC[can used as batteries], TBC[can used as battery], TBC[photo voltaic cell], TBC[can used as clock] POSITIVE 0.1100 0.1100 0.1106
compass can used TBC[can used in geometry], some[subj/a magnetic], TBC[direction of earth 's surface], TBC[strength of electromagnet], TBC[direction on earths surface], TBC[direction on deaths surface] POSITIVE 0.1036 0.1036 0.1042
palm oil has_property used still POSITIVE 0.0977 0.0977 0.1262
karyotype can used TBC[can used in diagnostic medicine], TBC[can used by doctors], TBC[can used in diagnostic field of medicine], TBC[can used unethically], TBC[can used in medical field], TBC[can used in genetic counseling] POSITIVE 0.0961 0.0961 0.0966
tape has_property used some[subj/magnetic], still POSITIVE 0.0886 0.0886 0.1145
plasma can used TBC[can used on earth], TBC[can used as source of energy], TBC[can used in future], TBC[can used as power], TBC[can used in sentence] POSITIVE 0.0855 0.0860 0.0859
media can used TBC[can used in education], some[subj/social], TBC[can used in unethical way], TBC[can used in teaching], TBC[can used for cultivation of anaerobes], TBC[can used for elections] POSITIVE 0.0852 0.0852 0.0857
tendon can used POSITIVE 0.0847 0.0847 0.0851
gel electrophoresis can used TBC[can used in real life], TBC[can used in forensics], TBC[can used in forensic cases], TBC[father of child], TBC[evidence for evolution], TBC[presence of specific gene] POSITIVE 0.0834 0.0880 0.0839
fiscal policy can used POSITIVE 0.0798 0.0821 0.0802
renewable energy can used POSITIVE 0.0796 0.0823 0.0800
pulley can used TBC[can used in everyday life], TBC[speed of motor] POSITIVE 0.0788 0.0788 0.0792
ratio can used TBC[can used in real life], TBC[can used in life] POSITIVE 0.0772 0.0790 0.0776
derivative can used TBC[can used in real life] POSITIVE 0.0740 0.0754 0.0744
genetic engineering can used TBC[can used in medicine], TBC[quality of crops], TBC[can used in agriculture], TBC[can used in plants] POSITIVE 0.0735 0.0779 0.0739
big datum can used TBC[can used in marketing], TBC[can used in health care], TBC[can used in banking], TBC[can used in retail], TBC[can used in robotics automation], TBC[can used in canned automation], TBC[can used to whom] POSITIVE 0.0732 0.1117 0.0736
metal can used TBC[can used as wire], TBC[can used in conventional oven] POSITIVE 0.0730 0.0730 0.0734