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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
planet has_property spherical always, almost, TBC[always spherical], TBC[almost spherical], TBC[approximately spherical], some[subj/all], generally, TBC[spherical shape], TBC[perfectly spherical], TBC[generally spherical], TBC[relatively spherical], TBC[more spherical], TBC[always seemingly perfectly spherical], TBC[all spherical] POSITIVE 0.9999 0.9999 1.0000
metal has_property shiny POSITIVE 0.9999 0.9999 1.0000
pink has_property girl color TBC[generally girl color], generally, TBC[girl feminine color] POSITIVE 0.9998 0.9998 1.0000
plant cell has_property different TBC[different from], TBC[usually very different], some[subj/plant and animal cells are differen], some[subj/plant and animal cells are alike and differen], some[subj/plant and animal cells are different from each othe], TBC[structurally different], some[subj/plant and animal cells are structurally differen], some[subj/plant and animal cells are the same and differen], some[subj/plant and fungi cells are differen], some[subj/plant and animal cells are different and don], some[subj/plant and animal cells are different and alik], some[subj/plant and expensive cells are different and alik], some[subj/plant and animal cells are different 2016 and alik] POSITIVE 0.9998 0.9998 0.9998
salt has_property bad some[subj/smelling], some[subj/nic], TBC[i bbq bad], some[subj/iodized], TBC[so bad for you anyway] POSITIVE 0.9998 0.9998 0.9998
life has_property unfair TBC[so unfair], always, TBC[always unfair], TBC[so unfair sometimes], sometimes, TBC[very unfair], TBC[unfair most of time], TBC[so fucking unfair], TBC[everything so easy], TBC[so cruel], TBC[so bad] POSITIVE 0.9998 0.9998 1.0000
looking has_property ts POSITIVE 0.9997 0.9997 0.9997
oxygen has_property gas TBC[diatomic gas], TBC[important gas], TBC[most important gas], TBC[sit gas] POSITIVE 0.9997 0.9997 0.9997
tomato juice has_property in a POSITIVE 0.9997 0.9998 nan
rice bran oil has_property oil TBC[essential oil] POSITIVE 0.9997 1.0000 nan
temperature has_property related TBC[directly related], TBC[related in gas] POSITIVE 0.9997 0.9997 nan
cigarette has_property legal still, TBC[still legal], TBC[even legal], some[subj/alcohol and] POSITIVE 0.9997 0.9997 0.9997
high fructose corn syrup has_property bad TBC[so bad], TBC[why bad], some[subj/why] POSITIVE 0.9996 1.0000 0.9996
suicide has_property illegal some[subj/physician assisted], some[subj/assisted], still, TBC[still illegal] POSITIVE 0.9996 0.9996 0.9996
basketball player has_property tall TBC[very tall], TBC[so tall], some[subj/all], some[subj/most], TBC[usually tall] POSITIVE 0.9996 0.9996 1.0000
woman has_property beautiful TBC[so beautiful], TBC[as so beautiful], TBC[generally beautiful], generally, some[subj/men are ugly and], TBC[so damn beautiful], TBC[so freaking beautiful], some[subj/israeli] POSITIVE 0.9996 0.9996 0.9996
polygamy has_property illegal still, generally, often, TBC[still frowned upon], TBC[bad form], TBC[still illegal], TBC[generally illegal], TBC[such taboo illegal in most nations] POSITIVE 0.9996 0.9996 0.9996
bat has_property mammal TBC[unusual mammals], TBC[only flying mammals], only, TBC[only flying mammal] POSITIVE 0.9996 0.9996 0.9996
grape has_property bad some[subj/seedless] POSITIVE 0.9996 0.9996 0.9996
carbon dioxide has_property gas TBC[variable gas], TBC[poisonous gas], TBC[always gas], always, TBC[harmful gas] POSITIVE 0.9995 0.9996 0.9995