Subject hair
Predicate turn
Object gray
Modality Occurrences
some[subj/pubic] 1
TBC[gray with age] 4
some[subj/blind] 1
TBC[gray with old age] 1
Plausibility 1.0000
Neighborhood Sigma 1.0000
Local Sigma 1.0000
Example Sentences
Sentence Occurrences Source
hairs turn gray 7 Google Autocomplete, Yahoo Questions
a hair turn gray 4 Google Autocomplete
hair turn gray 49 Google Autocomplete, Yahoo Questions, Questions, Quora Questions, Reddit Questions
hair turn gray with age 8 Google Autocomplete, Reddit Questions
hair turn gray or white 2 Google Autocomplete
pubic hairs turn gray 1 Google Autocomplete
hair turns white or gray 1 Questions
blind hair turn gray 1 Quora Questions
hair turn gray or white with old age 2 Reddit Questions