Subject gravity
Predicate affect
Object motion
Modality Occurrences
TBC[planetary motion] 2
TBC[motion of object] 1
TBC[motion of objects on planets orbiting] 1
TBC[horizontal motion of projectile motion] 2
TBC[motion of falling objects] 1
Plausibility 0.9363
Neighborhood Sigma 0.9364
Local Sigma 0.9372
Example Sentences
Sentence Occurrences Source
gravity affect motion 4 Google Autocomplete, Questions
a gravity affect motion 1 Google Autocomplete
a gravity affect planetary motion 1 Google Autocomplete
gravity and air resistance affect the motion 1 Questions
gravity and friction affects the motion of an object 1 Questions
gravity affects the motion of objects on planets orbiting the earth 1 Questions
gravity affects horizontal motion and vertical motion of projectile motion 2 Questions
gravity affects planetary motion 1 Questions
gravity affects the motion of the falling objects 1 Questions