Subject drug
Predicate has_property
Object illegal
Modality Occurrences
still 12
TBC[still illegal] 6
some[subj/psychoactive] 2
TBC[illegal anywhere] 1
TBC[here illegal] 1
only 1
TBC[actually illegal] 2
Plausibility 1.0000
Neighborhood Sigma 1.0000
Local Sigma 1.0000
Example Sentences
Sentence Occurrences Source
drugs are illegal 148 Google Autocomplete, Yahoo Questions, Questions, Quora Questions, Reddit Questions
drugs are still illegal 18 Google Autocomplete, Reddit Questions
psychoactive drugs are illegal 2 Google Autocomplete
the drugs are illegal 1 Google Autocomplete
drugs are illegal, if the usa is a free country 1 Yahoo Questions
drugs and prostitution are illegal 2 Questions
drug are illegal 1 Questions
drugs are illegal anywhere 1 Questions
drugs are here illegal 1 Quora Questions
drugs are illegal / taboo 2 Reddit Questions
drugs and prostitutes are illegal 2 Reddit Questions
drugs are such as marijuana illegal 1 Reddit Questions
drugs are only illegal if you 're caught 1 Reddit Questions
drugs are “ illegal “ 2 Reddit Questions
drugs are actually illegal 2 Reddit Questions