Subject cow
Predicate produce
Object milk
Modality Occurrences
constantly 12
always 16
TBC[more milk] 3
TBC[so much milk] 7
Plausibility 1.0000
Neighborhood Sigma 1.0000
Local Sigma 1.0000
Example Sentences
Sentence Occurrences Source
cows produce milk when not pregnant 6 Google Autocomplete
cows produce milk 24 Google Autocomplete, Bing Autocomplete, Yahoo Questions, Reddit Questions
cows constantly produce milk 11 Google Autocomplete
cows continue to produce milk 7 Google Autocomplete, Questions, Quora Questions
cows always produce milk 11 Google Autocomplete
cow produce milk 5 Google Autocomplete
a cow continue to produce milk 2 Google Autocomplete
cows are producing more milk 3 Google Autocomplete
cows produce so much milk 7 Google Autocomplete, Bing Autocomplete
cows produce milk constantly 1 Google Autocomplete
a cow produce milk 12 Google Autocomplete
cows are able to produce milk 3 Google Autocomplete
the cow produce milk 1 Google Autocomplete
cows are always producing milk 5 Bing Autocomplete
a cow produces milk 1 Quora Questions