Subject plant
Predicate need
Object water
Modality Occurrences
some[subj/photosynthetic] 3
TBC[so much water] 3
TBC[regular water] 1
TBC[little water] 1
Plausibility 0.9999
Neighborhood Sigma 0.9999
Local Sigma 0.9999
Example Sentences
Sentence Occurrences Source
plants need water 30 Google Autocomplete, Questions
plants and animals need water 10 Google Autocomplete, Questions
photosynthetic plants need water 3 Google Autocomplete
plants need so much water 3 Google Autocomplete
the plants need water 1 Google Autocomplete
plant need water 2 Google Autocomplete
plants need water to survive and how does water help plants to grow 1 Yahoo Questions
plants need air and water 3 Questions
plants need sunlight and water 3 Questions
plants need water and minerals 2 Questions
plants need water and sunlight 2 Questions
plants need water and why 2 Questions
plant needs water to do photosynthesis 1 Questions
plants need regular water 1 Questions
a plant like cactus need little water 1 Questions