Subject dam
Predicate has_property
Object built
Modality Occurrences
some[subj/hydroelectric] 2
TBC[why built] 1
some[subj/and why are] 1
some[subj/the akosombo] 1
TBC[built so big] 1
Plausibility 0.6860
Neighborhood Sigma 0.6875
Local Sigma 0.6860
Example Sentences
Sentence Occurrences Source
dams are built 16 Google Autocomplete, Questions, Yahoo Questions, Quora Questions, Reddit Questions
dams and reservoirs are built 1 Google Autocomplete
hydroelectric dams are built 2 Google Autocomplete
and why are dams built 1 Google Autocomplete
dam is built 2 Google Autocomplete
a dam is built 5 Google Autocomplete
the akosombo dam is built 1 Google Autocomplete
dams and barrages are built 1 Questions
dams are built so big 1 Questions
dam are built 1 Reddit Questions