Subject drug
Predicate affect
Object brain
Modality Occurrences
TBC[brain of teenager] 2
some[subj/psychoactive] 1
TBC[teenage brains] 1
TBC[human brain] 1
Plausibility 0.9995
Neighborhood Sigma 0.9995
Local Sigma 1.0000
Example Sentences
Sentence Occurrences Source
drugs affect the brain 32 Google Autocomplete, Questions, Quora Questions, Reddit Questions
drugs and alcohol affect the brain 6 Google Autocomplete, Questions
drugs affect the brain of a teenager 2 Google Autocomplete
the drugs affect the brain 1 Google Autocomplete
psychoactive drugs affect the brain 1 Google Autocomplete
drugs affects teenage brains 1 Questions
drugs affect the human brain 1 Questions