Subject cats
Predicate has_trait
Object cute
Modality Occurrences
TBC[so cute] 20
TBC[so awesome] 2
TBC[so goddamn cute] 2
TBC[so freaking cute] 1
Plausibility 0.9991
Neighborhood Sigma 0.9991
Local Sigma 0.9991
Example Sentences
Sentence Occurrences Source
cats are so cute 17 Google Autocomplete, Bing Autocomplete, Questions, Quora Questions, Reddit Questions
cats and dogs are so cute 2 Google Autocomplete
cats are cute 4 Questions, Reddit Questions
cats are cute and fluffy 2 Questions
cats are so awesome and cute 2 Questions
cats are so goddamn cute 2 Reddit Questions
cats are so cute, yet so equal 1 Reddit Questions
cats are so freaking cute 1 Reddit Questions